Saturday, August 22, 2009

The one who lunched at Ootoya (大戸屋) Orchard Central

I have long heard good reviews about Ootoya 大戸屋 . This is the chain's first outlet in Singapore. They have a history of over 50 years and 213 restaurants in Japan itself! They are well known for their meal sets.. it's not like the usual bento sets.. these sets are quite '' no frills '' teishoku ( 定食 )

Anyway, I was earlier than my lunch partner, I made my way up to the 8th floor. I was being informed by dear Edwin not to go during peak hours, so it was good that there was no queue! ( Best time to go... 11am -11.30am , and after 2pm ) . I was shown to a table and was promptly served with hot green tea. I have to mention about the green tea!

I thought I'd be served with the usual boring watered down green tea like those in other Japanese restaurants. I was wrong :P It was a surprise! Ootoya actually serve very fragrant genmaicha ( it's brown rice combined with green tea ) . Ruth and I can't get enough of it :) Best of it all, it is free and free flow heheeh.. :)

So there I was, pouring through the menu, waiting for Ruth.. and more people start to stream in. Just next to my table was a group of 3 OLs ( office ladies :p ) . I can't help but over heard their conversation. ( oh, there are limited tables by the way, and the tables are placed rather close to one another. It's inevitable to 'eavesdrop' :P

Back to the 3 ladies, it was obvious that one of the girls have no idea of the concept of Ootoya, and she said quite loudly, "why they don't have sashimi "

I was like duh.. 'roll eyes' . I guess I wouldn't blame her, some people just don't do 'homework' . Or perhaps she isn't much of a foodie :P

Just as I have sorta finished reading thru the menu, Ruth finally arrived , not after taking a wrong turn and went to the car park !~ haahha :P

So 'jappy!'
look at that cute ribbon hairband!
* i want*
She's hard at work... studying the menu

Ootoya lets you know
how much calories you are consuming
Soy milk porridge.. hmmm... would u ?

* Edited- 7 Oct 2010*
Ootoya has changed their menu.
They no longer have the amount of
calories per dish on the menu anymore..

1221 kcal~
that's like a day's intake~:P

They have this sesame condiment
now..don't add too much of it to your rice
it is kinda salty~

Chilli powder

nice arrangement of the toothpick

So what did we order?

Here's mine!

Sea bream set
It comes served with rice, side dish of yummy sweet steamed pumpkin and another was pickled cucumber. Oh, there was soup too.. with quite decent serving of carrots, radish and meat :)

I love the sea first try, I thought it was a little on the salty side. But it was alright after mixing it with the grated radish . I try not to dip too much of the sauce.. kinda salty too :P

a closer look at the fish

Here's Ruth's set
Grilled Chicken with yakitori sauce
The side dishes are the same as mine
Not much of a grilled chicken fan..
but this one was juicy enough

close up

It was quite a pleasant experience at Ootoya, and both of us will come back for more!

End note: why doesn't Ootoya in Singapore serve unagi?

I just went Ootoya again on 1st Sept 2009
Click here for the entry :)

There is a OCBC Promotion going on
Everyone at your table is able to enjoy a free
dessert if you pay with your OCBC Credit Card

Plus..get a free mug if you spend $50 or more!~

This is the dessert
Anmitus Matcha
There is mochi, matcha ice cream~red bean
and matcha jelly
swimming in soya milk

Sept 05 2009- Dinner at Ootya
Oct 17 2009 - Lunch at Ootoya
July 02 2010 - Ootoya-ed again

181 Orchard Rd
#08-12 Orchard Central
Tel: 6884 8901
( they do not accept reservations ) ( in Japanese )


June said...

This looks good! =) Tomorrow i may go & have my dinner here before i go for facial!

Eileen. 静 said...'s quite delicious :) try to go earlier if u can. hope not too crowded

Anonymous said...

do they accomodate up to 10pax?

Eileen. 静 said...

hi there Anonymous

As they do not accept reservations, you have to try your luck with this place. I would say yes , they can accom.up to 10 but it is not at the table seats. This area right at the entrance can sit about 20 but like i say if it gets crowded it would mean a long wait for seats especially when you have a big group. I would say it is best to go off peak and in a smaller group :)