Friday, December 25, 2009

Ambassadors of Foodies Club Featured in Her World

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
I hope you guys are as blessed as me this festive season:)

Yes, the Foodies Club that I am in ( on Facebook) is featured in January '10 's issue of local female magazine, Her World. Why am I telling you this? That is because yours truly is part of the feature too :P

Let's go back to roughly 3 months ago when Sharon called me one early morning. She told me that a Her world writer emailed her speaking of doing a write up on some of the Facebook groups that has sprung up in Singapore. The writer intend to feature 3-4 groups from Facebook. So to cut the story short, I got roped in along side with Sharon and Sarah for the photo shoot. I kinda blogged about it but not revealing what was it all about.

Never would I have thought that I would get the shoot date mixed up. Yes indeed that was what happen . It all took place on a very tiring day for me the first day of my menses As I rushed to the cafe ( 1 Caramel ) where the shoot will take place, I was bloated and nursing a throbbing intense headache.

That kinda explained why I was wearing such a 'strange' smile on my face in the photo :P Having experiences from past photo shoots ( makeovers and work purpose) I know it is not easy to smile and act natural in front of the camera when we were told how to posed and positioned ourselves. I tried to be as relax as I could but I guess my bodily aches got the better of me

So here you go.. our photo is found on page 126. Click on the picture for a larger image and you can get to read the article too :)

Seriously, i wished that
i wasn't wearing that
big bow tie strippy shirt
* few guys friends told me how ugly it was*


Modery said...

Ooohhh, now I remember! Sharon once asked me some questions about the FC, but couldn't tell me why she asked. So that's the reason!

Eileen. 静 said...

yeah... we didn't really announce to many people :)