Saturday, October 17, 2009

lunch at Ootoya

I can never get tired of eating at Ootoya .. once again I find myself heading back there
on Thursday afternoon for lunch alone :)

I chose the red snapper meal and greedily ordered a dessert as well. Honestly I knew I would be too full by the time I finish the meal, yet I just can't resist the green tea dessert that was calling out to me.

Grilled red snapper
careful now of the bones

a side of boiled veggie with
mushrooms with 银鱼
* i don't know the english name for that tiny fish*

Seaweed rice!
I finished the whole bowl -_-

This set of red snapper
has a total of 600+ calories

the bottom layer is bean curd, followed
by the sweet sugar sauce, topped with some
whip cream, and of coz my fav.
matcha ice cream and red bean~
bitter sweet matcha goes well with the
other sweet stuff...


here's the aftermath...

I love fish!

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