Sunday, August 23, 2009

Singanglaras-- Of Malay Village Performance

Malay village
Tanah Jawa Performance

This was a rather 'rush job' kinda performance :P Why did I say that? It's because we didn't have much practice before hand with slighlty less than 2 months to practice for the pieces if I am not wrong . I missed a couple of weekly practices as well hahaah :X

Anyway, I anticipated the 'harsh' conditions that we will be facing during our last rehearsal at the event hall in the afternoon, so I was dressed light in thin cotton tee shirt and shorts. Everyone was soaking with perspiration. There was not much we could do . The air condition would not be on until 7pm in the evening and the hall was stuffy and the fans couldn't reach us as they were all on the 2nd level. So can you imagine how much I perspire? Things got better when people started streaming in to the hall at 7pm....

taken while waiting for the performance to star

during rehearsal

everyone has to sit on the floor
quite a good turn out
despite being a sunday night

The stage

perched on the shoulders...

Happy that the performance's over!
I can get out of the batik shirt!
I don't like the color tone

side note:
Chocolate almond waffle

We went over to Singapore Post Center for subway dinner
Me and Edwin bought some waffles for dessert.
Give Waffle Factory a try~
the waffle is nice and fluffy!~ not as dry as those 'downstairs bakery' shop~

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