Saturday, September 05, 2009

The One at Ootoya ..again!

It was back to Ootoya once again!~ Am having withdrawal symptoms after lunching there with Ruth weeks back. The Lims ( Chrissy ) were my lunch companion this time round . Cheeky god daughter tagged along too :P

I looked tired.. down with cough..
and am still coughing

We were lucky to be able to snagged a table seat! I don't really like the communal dinning area right next to the door . I mean it's okay if I am dining alone.. but with friends I rather be seated nicely without having the feeling of having my privacy robbed.

So what did I eat this time? I tried something simple and healthy.

This is my scallop steam rice ( in the steamer over the stove) coupled with tofu, chicken ,mushroom & cabbage on the right. As usual , it comes with sweet pumpkin and pickled cucumber
( 705 kcal )

It's really like homecooked isn't it:) My mum would also whipped up similar style with the tofu and chicken ..just that Ootoya's of coz many times better than mum's :P hahha..

Up close of the scallop rice.

This is Chrissy's set
Sweet sauce base of chicken , egg and lots of onions!
Yummy :)
She changed her white rice to seaweed rice was so delicious she even
had 2nd helping of rice :P

Mark ordered the grilled pork set
*can't comment coz i didn't sample it*
Mark gobbled it up in the fastest speed~

How can I forget the udon

Udon's soft and soup is rather different from your usual udon
This is for Nicole..She's a noodle and soup girl..see below for

See how she lapped up all the soup!

She loves to pose!
I was wearing the ribbon hairband and
she kinda 'ripped' it off my head hahha

Oh yeah!
Pls do pay by your OCBC card if you have right now

we wanted to order the Anmitus Matcha dessert but was pleasently surprised when the server told us we are able to get it free..for everyone at the table if we pay with a OCBC card! Wwaaahh~ Great! So yes..everyone gets a free dessert!

This is the dessert
Anmitus Matcha
There is mochi, matcha ice cream~red bean
and matcha jelly
swimming in soya milk

Here's the other time I was at Ootoya :)


June said...

I've seen good reviews about Ootoya & after seeing your blog, i should go to Ootoya soon =)

Eileen. 静 said...

Hi June! Yes..u should try it soon :) can get rather pack during meal times~ :)