Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's all about the happy stuff

Photo log-- Supposedly 4 days in a nutshell

So what was Eileen up to from 9 Aug National day to 15 Aug ?

National day

She spent the day with a bunch of friends , merry making and watching the parade on TV. It was more laughter as they went hysterical seeing the kind of people who went for Singapore Idol audition.

Some friends bought food while some baked and cooked.. as for Eileen, she baked some cookies which wasn't well received. hmmm..

One of her friends baked this awesome
chocolaty strawberry cake

Hmmm......all the chocolate goodness :)


Tuesday 11 Aug

Was at yet another house party hehee :)

She's just posing with the champagne..

Her good friend Mus was there too


She was at Ion one of the days.. and bought these home ... the delicious n soft chocolate n cream wassants from Provence.( her grandma likes it... soft enough for her to eat ) There was no queue nor crazy aunties crowding the bakery that day! She was so happy that she doesn't have to squeeze with the mad crowd hee :P

Come... try one!~
oops..one of them got slightly "squashed"

Saturday 15 Aug

She hopped on to the train and headed far north-- Woodlands! Ben invited her and her colle. Edith to his flat.

It was an afternoon of Wii Sports! Eileen did some watersports, skydived ( way way fun~) , dunk some basketball ( not easy..she literally had to jump to do so... )

Precious staring at her mummy who was
too busy playing Zombies Vs Plants!


Eileen spent the evening with her god daughter and Mark :)
It was a long story... oh well

They found a nice cosy corner at Quiznos Sub. Choose from a varities of sandwiches ( $5.90-$6.90..add on $2.70 for a refillable drink + soup or chips or salad)

This is a foot long.. Eileen shared with Mark, with Nicole
nibbling away all the tomatoes~

There are side condiments such as
sauces, pickles and jalapeno ..take as much as u like :P

Gosh~ isn't she good at her poses?
Wondered where she learn this from...
could have been the influence of the evil telly


Anonymous said...

What do you mean just posing with the champagne? And your god-daughter is such a cutie pie! Wah food, food and more food! Life's little pleasures eh?

Eileen. 静 said...

heheheh... food is a staple in keeping alive! ahhaha.. everyday also got to eat mah ..

yes yes.. she is a cutie isn't she.. wait till u see how naughty she can be :X hahaha oh... that wasn't my glass of champange.i really dun like the face flushing and heart racing feeling after drinking

Eileen. 静 said...
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jfook said...

The last pic..Super cute lar..

Eileen. 静 said...

jfook- yeah yeah.. my god daughter is super cute :D thanks for dropping by