Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Such a joy dinning at Joyden Canton Kitchen

Just last week, I was caught in a dilemma. It wasn't too difficult to get myself out of it..I just needed some time , a good sense of directions as well as knowledge of getting myself from Point A to Point B in the shortest of time and the least of public transport transfer.

Last week's food tasting saw me going from the east to west , spending almost an hour or so on public transportation . At the end of dinner, I was glad I made the choice of attending ~~! To be honest, I was already sold when I took the first bite of food at Joyden Canton Kitchen. Being located at a relatively new mall, HillV2, it may be daunting to travel there especially if one stays in the east.

Joyden Canton Kitchen is part of the popular Joyden Seafood Restaurant located at West Coast. Frankly, I have never tried their food before so I have no expectations whatsoever that evening.

Upon entering the spacious restaurant , I was attracted to the minimalistic interior, and I particularly like the use of wood for some of the decor. It took Joyden 6 mths that involved extensive trips to various parts of Guangdong , trying out dishes etc to conceptualized the menu.

 Soups at Joyden

It is without a doubt that Cantonese love their soups. Joyden certainly lives up to expectations with its interpretation of a Foshan Classic - Chicken with Fresh Huai Shan and Wolfberry in Old Coconut Soup.

Can't believe how clear and light the soup is, and simply love the after taste sweetness
 that comes across the palate. Great for sharing among 2-3 persons. $12.80 

 The 2nd dish isn't really a soup but has a broth..

Signature Sliced Grouper Fillet with Pine Mushroom & 
Black Fungus in Rice Wine Broth $17.80

Freshest of ingredients ,cooked in rice wine, makes this 
a very comforting dish ! I love the usage of rice wine ! 

Chickens at Joyden

There are two must try chicken dishes at Joyden. It was a tough choice if you ask me which one of the two is my favorite. Both are cooked differently and both taste equally good!

This is one of their signature dish - Soy Sauce Chicken. It looks as good as it taste! 
Marinated with secret blend of supieroir light sauce and other herbs, the chicken is tender.
Rosewater is being used as well and it adds a refreshing and slight floral sweetness to this dish

This may look like hainanese chicken to you but wait ..
it is actually Hakka salt poached farm chicken ($17). It is cooked in a salt and herbal stock
 and rested to fully absorb the flavours before it is eaten by us with 
Joyden's homemade ginger puree !
 Served at room temperature, the meat is tender n we love it with the ginger :)

You will love this dish
Braised homemade beancurd coin with poached shanghai baby cabbage
if you enjoy cooked till super soft cabbage!
These are homemade patties of beancurd, seafood and veggie fried till golden brown. 
I particularly enjoy the easy to eat beancurd and the milky broth that was made from 
boiling pork bones for hours  . The combination goes pretty well ! 

This is another NOT TO BE MISSED dish !
Just by looking at this pic is enough to make me salivate ! Home made by Joyden is the premium XO sauce made of dried scallops( 干贝) and jin hua ham ( 金华火腿)which is used in this Fish Maw & Prawns with glass noodles dish  everything is mixed with this slightly spicy sauce and I like how the tang hoon ( glass noodles ) soak up the sauce..Being a chili lover, I though this could have been spicier

There is no ending to Joyden's star dishes..coz it seems like the food we tried
tasted just amazingly good!
Braised pork ribs in aged mandarin peel 
isn't like the usual Chinese zi char kind. The meat is "chopstick tender" 
Almost like what you eat at some ribs restaurant. Cooking method is pretty interesting..
first braised, then infused with special aged mandarin peel sauce before being broiled!

Joyden not just serves meat dishes,
they also have seafood inspired ones!~

Signature Traditional Rice Vermicelli with Poached Egg White, Crab meat & Scallop
hehee..protein laden dish !!
The bee hoon is soaked with the gravy and I love it with lots of vinegar and pepper :)

Mix it all up !

To complement your meal at Joyden, you can try the cooling
Homemade Hawthorne and Apple Drink

Healthy and great for digestion!

We gotta end the meal on a sweet note shouldn't we? :D
Most of us chose the Red Bean soup with dumplings
Unlikely some places where their red bean soup is thick and overly sweet
Joyden's verions is not as thick and tasted really healthy ! I like
the tang yuans are generously filled with peanuts!

Chilled herbal jelly
Highly recommended after the meal :) great for cooling down
and good for those with a 'heaty' disposition :)

One can't go wrong with ordering this classic favorite
 白果薏米 Barley and gingko nuts drink.
Just the right taste of sweetness for me :)

Joyden Canton Kitchen is truly a gem and is the ideal location a birthday celebration,
get together with friends and family or just a meal after work !

It is a place I can go back again and again :D

Joyden Canton Kitchen
4 Hillview Rise, #02-21,
HillV2 Shopping Centre,
Singapore 667979
Tel: 6465 9988

Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1130-2130hrs
Dimsum daily from 1130-1630hrs.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

My experience at Unqiue Creations Salon + * GIVEAWAY*

Greetings on a weekend :) We woke up to a cooling and wet Saturday morning , and wow, in just less than 20 days to Christmas ! It is one of my favorite occasions and I love the December joyous mood that is lingering in the air! Even my hair is ready for Christmas!!

Those of you who are following me on Instagram would have seen the photos of me at the salon and the results of the new hair color I have  :) The lovely people at Unique Creations Salon have done a gd job on my new highlights , it's not too bright and my friends who saw it said it looks good on me ~

With just less than 3 months in business, Unique Creations Salon already has a steady stream of regulars . Credit has to be given to the friendly services as well as the super reasonable pricing for their services.

Ok, back to me :P  Miss Sharon Loo, the senior stylist was the one who attended to me that afternoon.
She is very attentive and looked so serious when checking the condition of my hair ( yeah..look at that ugly two tone of my badly kept hair ). Sharon has almost 10 years of hairstyling experience under her belt. Usually I am quite apprehensive about trying out a new stylist, but Sharon really puts me at ease with her friendly disposition and her passion towards her work :)

Another shot of my frizzy hair 

After much discussion, I decided to go for some colors on my hair ! Sharon suggested to add on some pretty highlights to parts of my hair which I agreed without any hesitation ! 

Such pretty colors~ 
Guess which ones I went for? :D

So here's Sharon and I ...
She started by bleaching some parts of my hair to prepare it 
for the pretty highlights

Heheh, still managed to look ok with the foils on my hair LOL! is just waiting for the hair to be bleached

Time to wash it all off!

Check out my blonde hair's the first time 
I am bleaching my hair!! 

Sharon is applying the highlight colors to the bleached portion

Preparing of the dye

So did you guessed correctly ? 
Yup, blue is one of the colors ..
the other is purple. 

The colors may look very bright while applied on..but rest assured
it is actually very subtle after it has been set and washed

Here I am , doing a treatment after the colors have set and rinsed off..

Here's the big reveal!
It is very obvious here because of the bright spotlight above me 

I love the two tone highlights

hair is extremely soft and the base color is
something of ash brown

It will be more obvious if I were to tie my hair up..
else is is kinda hidden :) 

 Sharon gave me some temporary curls to my hair..
Very happy with how everything turns out to be :)

 Ta da!
Here you go.. Sharon and I with my newly highlighted and dyed hair :)

 The salon is currently having their opening promotions
* regardless of hair length*
Digital Perm :  $88
Rebonding :     $58
Treatment :      $25

Do call them for more info and make an appointment !

Unique Creations Salon
Block 826, Tampines Street 81, #01-120
Singapore 520826
Tel: 6443 0268


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Unique Creations Salon has decided to give you my readers a treat. You can now try out their services by taking part in this giveaway :) 

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Thursday, December 04, 2014

"My Favorite Things" at O'Coffee Club

Home grown well liked cafe chain, O'Coffee Club brings to guests its Christmas range of confectionery this year as part of its 2014 festive collected themed " My Favorite Things" 

I joined several instagrammers and bloggers at its stand alone cafe at Raffles Place for a fun filled afternoon partaking in pretty and irresistible sweet treats .

Guests at O'Coffee Club are in luck :) Be pampered and indugled in 4 exquisite
log cakes- White lychee Christmas, Mont Blanc Yuletide , Santa's Macadamia Noel and last but not least, Chocolate Wonderland . The first 3 are new while the last is a hot favorite at the cafe . We were treated to 2 of the log cakes :) 

Top: Chocolate Wonderland 1kg $53.50 nett
Bottom : White Lychee Christmas 1kg $58.85 nett
White Lychee Christmas is a refreshing surprise . It's light orange sponge cake layered with fragrant lychee emulsion and raspberry jam, and with rose essence cream in the center  is sure to win the hearts of those who loves fruit cakes .

Being a big chocoholic , the Chocolate Wonderland appeals to my taste buds . Luscious chocolate sponge has layers of ganache, nuggets of cream cheese and crunchy praline feuilletine. I like how the different textures comes together. 

The above mentioned log cakes are available for orders and dine in ( in slices ) as well.

 Can you feel the fun festive mood already :D

Another of " My Favorite Things " that we really enjoyed 
are these Artisanal Christmas Cookies 
Each type of cookies shown here are sold separately
My personal the Oats & Raisins (right side )  ( $13.50/jar)

These beautiful gems once again makes perfect gifts 
These are O'Coffee Club's Praline . The flavours are pretty exotic!
There's Earl Grey Raspberry, Grand Marnier Seasame, 
Baileys and Crispy Choclate Feuilletine . 
They are packed in a box of 12 and retails at $24

These macarons 'colors makes me feel delighted! 
Just looking at them lifts up my mood!
Again, these make great gift ideals. I mean you can't go wrong with sweet treats !! 
They come in flavours like Earl Grey Marashallow, Gingerbread & Grand Marnier Sesame  

Christmas Gift Set : Box of 4- $9.65 nett   /  Box of 12 - $25.70 nett 

Not overly sweet ..just nice for me :D
( I am not a macaron fan..but I ate one this time! )

We were also treated to these slices of Traditional Fruit Cake
( it's avai.for order at $18 nett / 400g)
The fruits have been soaked in rum before baking!! ooh lala :D

How about some cold refreshing drinks to wash all that food down?
This is mm's pretty pink Ice Rambutan and also one 
of O'Coffee Club's signature drinks!

Lets continue with the feasting shall we?

Here are some of the special dishes from the Christmas dine in menu ,
great as a main course or order a few and share with friends!
Do note that dish presentation will differ from the party presentation below :)

Smoked duck salad $12
Great mix of sliced smoked duck, mecslun veg, dark cherries and citrus vinaigrette 

Turkey Roulade $18
Turkey & mushroom roulade served with buttered baby carrots, 
asparagus, mashed potatoes and cranberry compote

Chicken Truffle Mushroom $16
This is the hot favorite that afternoon!
 Spaghetti with roasted chicken , mixed mushrooms & truffle cream

Perhaps another cool drink to go with the savory food :) 
This is the Green Apple and Moijto Mint Soda
Cool and minty! Great on a hot day :)

We ended the session on a sweet note! 
There is always room for desserts!

Speically created for Christmas are 
Jolly Mud Pie $12.20 ( left) and Joy $9.00 (right)

cross section of Joy
Grand marnier parfait with raspberry sorbet & sweet almond nibs 
This captured my heart <3 br="">

Jolly Mud Pie  is a festive version of O'Coffee Club's Mud Pie :) 
Layers of strawberry sorbet honey parfait, crunchy almond & Italian mint meringue
What's not to like about something so well crafted ? :)

Exclusive Promotions from 13 Nov- 31 Dec 2014
O'Coffee Club Royalty Card members get to enjoy 20% off festive items & dining 
DBS / POSB Card members enjoy 15% off festive items & dining 
CIMB Card members enjoy 15% off festive items & dining

You can place orders for the log cakes and sweet treats at any of their 20 outlets
All orders take THREE days to process and
Last day for self collection or delivery is 31st Dec 2014

O'Coffee Club Facebook 
O'Coffee Club Website