Monday, November 24, 2014

Pie Face is in Singapore !

Being a foodie, I get "annoyed" when friends who travelled to Australia told me about how great tasting and how cute the pies at Pie Face are whenever they get to eat it . It has been years since I visited Australia so naturally I would want to bite into one of those cute pies too !

With the recent opening of Pie Face in Somerset@313 and Bugis Village, I too finally get the chance to sink my fangsteeth into some of their irresistible flaky pies with overflowing fillings.

Located at Basement 1 of Somerset@313, it would be hard to miss a shop front that comes with a face !

Established in 2003, this Sydney based micro bakery cafe, not only sells pastries and pies made from scratch, they also have pretty good coffee to offer !  Created by Chef Francois Galand, a French born, he has incorporated the french puff pastry way into the baking of their pies. It takes several folds of the butter into the dough to create 48 flaky layers of the pie crust! 

oven fresh, whimsical pies waiting to be eaten 
* do note that the display case can be pretty hot *

Savoury pies comes in two sizes!  The big one can be a meal on its own :) Small ones are great as a snack :D * prices for big pies $4.90-$5.20 each*  *mini ones are all $3 each*

Some of the more well liked flavors includes the Chunky Steak, Chicken & Mushroom, 
Thai Chicken Curry and Tandoori Vegetable.

 Meat eaters will love the Chunky Steak Pie
Underneath the flaky pie crust is chunks of beef that 
has been braised with onions, garlic and gravy 

Here's how I enjoyed my pie..with a cup of latte :) 
Freshly brewed on the spot

Say Hi to some of the pies!
Different flavors have different faces :D 

Besides pies, they also have other treats such as these
They are both sweet and totally my kind of food .
Best eaten on the spot! 

Nicely layered crossiants!
But I still prefer mine at another cafe :P

You may wanna try their sweet pies too :) 
8 flavors in total. Managed to try 3 ( $3.30 each)
I am not much of a sweet tart give me my 
savory pies any day! 

Pie Face Bakery Café Singapore 
313 Somerset B3-10
Singapore 238935

10am-10pm daily
Bugis Village
249 Victoria St Singapore 188034
10am-10pm daily

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Healthy , afforable lunch at Foodology Fresh

With the kind of hectic lifestyle most of us are leading right now, it is essential that we feed ourselves well to face the daily toll . But guess what? That is usually not the case . A lot of people would turn to high sugar , high carbs kind of food during lunch time and after a long day at work. 

There is a cafe right smack in the heart of Chinatown and CBD area where you can eat well , enjoy a balanced diet and yet not burn a hole in your wallet! 

Foodology Fresh is conveniently located at  first level of The URA Center  ( just 5 mins away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station ) It has been serving healthy and tasty meals since January 2014 and has recently just revitalized its menu to cater to the growing numbers of office workers who seek a healthy and holistic lifestyle. 
Bright and colorful shop front :)

What does Foodology Fresh has to offer

Food offerings at Foodology Fresh is prepared fresh daily. Nothing is kept overnight . Most of the food items fulfill five health categories : - vegetarian, sugar free, lactose free, gluten free and no trans fat! . It is good for people who suffer from bloat and indigestion after a meal. These lunches are targeted to provide the much needed energy boost for a day's work. It will not leave you with a sugar rush nor will you give you a 'food coma' for sure :)  I totally dislike the after lunch sluggishness .. 

How does Foodology Fresh works?

Food are neatly labellbed and displayed in a orderly manner on the shelves. The main stars here are the wraps , sandwiches and salads. These mains are priced from $7 onwards and by topping up $3, you can get either a slice of quiche, a muffin or a hearty bowl of hot soup to go with your choice of mains .

You can either choose to eat at the cafe itself or have these 
nicely packed salads to go if you are rushing for time 

top up $3 for one of these :)

or choose some soups.. there is chicken stew and mushroom 
* I personally love the pumpkin soup..
oops forgot to take a shot of it *

quite a number of drink choices

There is coffee too if you really must have that second cup of the day 

The colorful and pretty appetizing wraps!
( $8.80 each )
Our personal favorites are the tandoori chicken and 
smoked salmon! Just look at how generous they are with 
the ingredients and fillings

The tandoori chicken wrap comes with a light punch of spice  
and is dressed in mayo and onion chili raita & it has 
slices of cucumber and lettuce to balance the taste.

 How about some salad? Here's an idea!
I would have shared half a wrap and half a salad with a co worker!
Perhaps you would like to do that too  :D
Spoiled for choices

Smoked duck breast salad ( $8.50)

salads all come with individually packed dressing 
This is the Brown Rice & Pomegranate Salad

 don't you just love the colors :D

Go for some desserts if there is still tummy space! 

I would recommend the Apple Crumble!
* if you love apples just like me *
just look at all the food we sampled :) 
I love the sweet muffins and apple crumble too! 

It was an enjoyable evening mingling with fellow foodies ! Thanks Brand Cellar and Foodology Fresh for having us  :)

My personal favorites at Foodology Fresh  : Pumpkin soup, Smoked Salmon Wrap, Brown Rice & Pomegranate Salad and Apple Crumble :)


 Address : Foodology Fresh @ The URA Centre           
               45 Maxwell Road  #01-02, Singapore 069118



Opening Hours : Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm
( Do note that they are not open for dinner )

Tel:  6223 9724

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Tohs at Mamma Mia !

'" You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17"

The year was 1980 when I first heard of this song. Being young and curious, I was " ransacking " through my youngest uncle's drawers when I came across some cassette tapes with 4 capital letters and 4 ang mohs on the cover.  Yes I can make out those 4 letters, wasn't that difficult for a 6 year old.. ABBA. I just had to play the tape on the player, and no, in case you were wondering, I had no idea who they were until I was much older and of coz I fell in love with quite a few of their songs!

So when I learn that Mamma Mia the musical would be coming to Singapore, I knew I just had to watch it~

Being a fan of the movie version, I try not to make any comparison between the live musical and movie . Both are good in their own ways :)

The musical though, was clearly more colorful in my opinion! I was really attracted to the whole stage set up . The costumes were in such popping colors !

Oh, if you do not know what Mamma Mia is all about, then let me give you a quick brief :)

20 yr old Sophie is about to marry her sweetheart Sky and has invited possible fathers to her upcoming wedding. Her mother has no idea who Sophie's dad is and chaos arises when the three men arrived in their little Greek island to attend the wedding. Expect lots of dancing and singing!~ 

How about a little song and dance from the TV version to get you in the mood?

The plot is quite simple and the dance moments were to some 
extend silly but these ladies and their side kicks are able to 
make you wanna sing and dance along with them! 
Of cos ABBA's songs help greatly !

The three possible biological dads 

They may not have the strongest vocals but 
they sure have their moments :) 

Young Sophie and Sky

We had much fun at the gala premium
Flying Dutch Man and Venette Lopez were there too!

Fun photo booth as usual :) 

Mamma Mia would make such a good early Christmas present to your loved ones!

Catch it before they end! It has been extended till 14 December :)
Thank you Base Entertainment for the kind invite :) 

MAMMA MIA! International Tour
Season:  13 November until 14 December 2014
Venue:   MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands
Cast:       The International Tour features a cast from the UK some of which are from the West End

PERFORMANCE TIMES:                      
Tuesday – Friday 8:00pm; Saturday 2pm and 8pm and Sunday 1pm and 6.00pm
TICKET PRICE:                                      
From $95*
Excludes the booking fee of SGD$3 per ticket
, or


Friday, November 14, 2014

New Premium Selection Meun at Jack's Place

I always have a thing for checkered table cloths . They kinda appeal to me :) One of my favorite steak house uses just that! Yes, I am referring to our local steak house , Jack's Place

My earliest memories of Jack's Place would be the outlet at Bras Basah Complex. It is the 2nd oldest outlet ! My aunt would treat me to lunch once awhile after school back then. 

Well known for its sizzling beef steaks on hot plates and array of food variety, Jack's Place has launched a new hearty U.S Premium Selection menu at 2 of its selected outlets: - Great World City & The Grandstand

Some bloggers and I were privileged to have tried some of the wonderful new dishes recently. Featuring 6 new dishes, which includes the finest Kurobuta Pork aka ' black hog' pork, USA Brandt steak cuts and trust me super delicious Char grilled baby Back Ribs 

 Before I bring out the meats, here are two soups we tasted at Jack's Place.

Cream of Shitake Mushroom

Here's the all time fav.
Lobster Bisque
Been simmered slowly to bring out that rich seafood taste! 
 All soups come served with toasted garlic bread

 Meat lovers sit tight! 
You will fall in love with this 
 Grilled Kurobuta Rack of Pork ($32) 
We were totally caught off our guard by how tender the meat was. It was a good lean cut. 
Moist and juicy with Jack's Place home made caramelized onion brown sauce coupled with mash potatoe and greens 

Always love how a real German pronounces the name schnitzel! I can never get it to sound authentic!
But it's okay as long as I get to eat one! 

This kurobuta fillet uses meat from the pork neck
and is coated with crushed biscuit crumbs and herbs and paired with 
arugla salad and roasted almonds. 
Kurobuta Pork Schnitzel ( $18.80)
Perhaps try not to drizzle the lemon wedge on the crust as it may leave it too soggy :)

Next up is yet another hot favorite! 
Fork tender slab of ribs!
Shhh..don't tell anyone but I really love this! 

The Chargrilled BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($36.00) has been marinated overnight with paprika spice and drizzled with pineapple BBQ sauce  ( not enough sauce in my opinion) . It is served with lattice fries and greens. The fries can be better served. It was tad cold by the time we ate it.. 

Jack's Place is quite synonymous with steaks! 
We definitely have to try the USA Brandt Striploin ($35.80)

It is a 365 day grain fed beef striploin steak , marinated with home made garlic and paired with special black pepper sauce . While you are at it, you 'die die' have to try the baked potato! 
It's one of the few places that does justice to baked potatoes

Here's another premuim dish for beef lovers. 
USA BRandt Ribeye cuts($36.80)
This gets my thumbs up :) Love the tender meat that melts in my mouth

A meal is not complete without some desserts , 
don't you think so? :D 
Can't go wrong with a banana split! 

I had this..coz I am a big mango fan!
Mango Jelly Delight

If ice cream aren't your" cup of tea "
perhaps you can have a slice of mango cake! 
And our meal is complete!

The U.S Premium Selection is exclusively available at Jack's Place Great World City and The Grandstand outlets. Do check them out today!

200 Turf Club Road
Tel: 6466 7933

Operating hours
Daily 11am -10:30pm

1 Kim Seng Promenade
Tel: 6738 5868

Operating hours
Daily 11am – 10:30pm


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shopping at a revamp Market Place ( Raffles City)

Can I let you on with a secret of mine? Promise not to tell anyone! I totally love going to the supermarket! I love pushing a large trolley along the aisles, looking at the special offers and some of the unique products . I love loading up with everything my heart needs to be happy, from fresh fish to tissue papers !

It is with great delight for a supermarket lover to inform you that the Market Place store ( run by Cold Storage) at Raffles City has undergone a revamp and has several exciting changes in store for us !

Simple love the bright colorful entrance ! 
Don't you think the fruit section adds a 
popping welcoming feel ?

Allow me to show you some of the fresh fruits selection 

These fruits are specially air flown straight from the farm 
and they make great gifts for a special occasion

I bet these are juicy !

Melons for a house warming gift perhaps ?

There are the usual tropical fruits selection too

With numerous office buildings around the vicinity,
Market Place at Raffles City has quick lunch solution for 
the busy office crowd. Choose from salads to sandwiches 
to yogurts at the "Food to Go'' section when you are
rushing for time or the need to meet a dateline at work. 

This section is great for busy professionals ! 
Pick up some salad, have a sandwich or even briyani !
Just pop the sandwich or briyani into the office microwave
and ta da! It's ready to eat :D  

Yes, so now that food for lunch is settled, you can also pick up some 
fruits too! There are trays of cut fruits readily packed for
 your convenience at the Fruit Bar section ! 

Great for sharing with co workers ~!

 If pre packed items are not your cup of tea, no worries!
Market Place has thought of it all!

There is a "Make your own Salad " counter :)
You can mix & match salads with your choice of toppings & dressing
Prices starts from $4.99

Eat more colorful veggie!

The usual roast section is still as good and boosting
a pizza counter too! No worries if you are running late in
getting ready for an office pot luck or home party!

Of coz if you have time, you can always pick up some ready to cook
pre marinated meats at the deli section :) or bring home
patties of wagyu beef for the home made burgers !

If meat isn't enough, do add some seafood!

freshly shucked oysters

Specially imported are these finger lime

Don't they look like cavier?
Squeeze some over the oyster and slurp it down!

What's a potluck without desserts?

Exclusive to Market Place are these
 Frank Dale dessert selections

So convenient and no need to slog over the oven
Such pretty packaging too

For the well heeled foodies and gourmands out there, 
Market Place have crafted out a carefully curated 
section of epicurean specalities at the
 new " Food of the World" section 
Imagine artisanal aged balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy,
special sauces to bottled truffles.. Yummy!

We love this.. 
The bottled truffles will elevate your 
home parties to a different level! 

Let's hop over to the Wellness section ! 
Many of us are getting health conscience
and there is an increasing demand for health food products. 
Market Place has imported low GI and gluten free snacks and products
You can now snack without feeling guilty ! 

Gotta mention that they have a wide range 
of Bob's Red Mill products!!

When you are at Market Place , do check out the
New Product highlights at the end of the aisles! 
Quite a nice touch..
Shoppers will be alerted to the latest offerings :)

Raffles City Market Place shall set the bench mark for all other Market Place branches. You will find quality products , innovative food ideas, superior customer service and a pleasant shopping environment that enhance your lifestyles . Happy grocery shopping everyone !

Address: 252 North Bridge Road
#B1-01 Raffles City Shopping Center

Opening hours : 9am-11pm

Tel:6336 2676