Friday, January 22, 2016

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) facial at Dr Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetic Laser Center

Greetings my friends ! It has been awhile since my last entry and my apolgoies as I have been tied up with family issues as well as my recent move to our new apartment.

Due to my busy schedule and the lack of sleep, it has certainly showed up on my face. So recently, I had the chance to try out the Methode Physiodermie Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) facial at Dr Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetic & Laser Centre.

Methode Physiodermie products are used solely for this massage. This  Swiss brand of products are made of natural ingredients from the highest quality sourced and have high concentration of essentials oils that are beneficial to our bodies and skin.

The certified therapist would decide on the blends of essential oils and come out with something that is suitable for each individual during the massage. It is customized to your skin condition .

Treatment room
Here's the room where the treatment will be done
Love how spacious and bright it is :) 

Methode Physiodermie products
Snapped a selfie while waiting for the therapist :) 

Procedures to the treatment

After changing into a pink tube gown, I was made to lie down on the facial /massage bed and
the friendly and skillful therapist proceeded to prepare my face for the treatment 

1-- Deep cleansing milk
This is to remove the light makeup and impurities on my face. It is gentle enough for the eye area and does not dry our skin.

2-- Application of the Stablization Lotion pH Balancing  . This is good for the skin as it helps to boost the penetration of the active ingredients. It also soothes and balances the skin with the active plant extract 

3-- Soft face Biopeeling . This helps to get rid of dead cells on the skin as well as promoting
cell renewal process
That's really me ..doing the soft face biopeeling..
a little creepy this !

A specific double action (enzymatic) exfoliating gel that helps to eliminate dead cells facilitates the cellular renewal process and, at the same time, oxygenates the skin. That in turns makes me look younger and more refresh !

4-- Extraction
Quite self explanatory about this step. Thanks to the experienced therapist, this process went by pretty well. I usually fear extraction ! and thanks to all the above steps, it did make the extraction a painless one! 

5--Compress + PH Lotion + CN
6--Bioarome + Treatment Emulsion Hydro Sensitive Emulsion + VD + FL One Drop:
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)
Now my skin needs some attention after the extraction to treat issues like dehydration and perhaps some redness concern. I was given a sheet mask that has PH Lotion and Soothing Bioarome mixed with Concentrate Hydro-Tonifying  The PH Lotion brings my face back to the right PH level and the mask also helps to give me a radiant compexion and firms the tissues while repairing sun damage !

another selfie before applying of the mask


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)

 The therapist started with the massage with slow rhythmic light pressure on the skin. There are certain points where she would apply pressure upon and the movements are always light . I was really relaxed at this point and even fell asleep for a short while :) 

It is not a deep massage. If it is too deep it won’t work because it flattens the small lymph vessels so that the fluid can’t drain. The movements are slow and rhythmic so the lymph vessels open up.

I would recommend this facial massage as I truly find it relaxing and very comforting . The whole treatment was done in a very professional manner unlike some salons . My therapist Samantha is also friendly and well trained and offered good skin advise as well.

Here's me sans makeup after the facial
I actually went out without make up and
never  felt better !

Here's me and Dr Ben after my treatment  :)
The results of the massage is quite apparent on my face and some friends
even ask if I used new makeup :) I can see that my fine lines were slightly reduced
and I felt a healthy glow !
Do give the clinic a ring to find out more !
Dr Benjamin Yim Aesthetic & Laser Centre
583 Orchard Road
#06-04 Forum
Singapore 238884
Tel: +65 6737 9181

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mrs Toh's First IPL Experience @ Beauty Hope

Instagram media by eileen_eats_alot - I have finally experienced my first IPL ( Intense Pulse Light) at . Before I decided to try it out , I made sure that there was minimum  pain from the proceedure since i have low threshold for pain :p -------------------------------------it has been around 3 weeks since that treatment, i must say hair growth around the pits has been slow !  The regrow is not as corse as bedore . Generally it takes about 10 sessions to see the full results .------------------------------------------ Beauty hope therapist assured me that it is a fuss free and painless procedure and true indeed it was ! You can find out more about this treatment by calling the friendly consultants @  96477571 :)

I have finally experienced my first IPL ( Intense Pulse Light) at Beauty Hope ! 
You can say that I am quite a scardy cat when it comes to certain beauty procedures and IPL is one of those that I was apprehensive to try out as I have heard how painful it can be from some friends who did it. 

Basically,  IPL machines uses intense pulse of light that has wavelength of around 530 nm to 1200 nm.. It removes hair by sending out high-energy light pulses. Do you know that there is a distinction made between beauty-grade and medical-grade machine? Those at beauty salons uses lower light wavelength as compared to those at medical clinics.

IPL is also able to promote the production of collagen, and that can result in the skin being more flexible and smooth.

Thanks to Beauty Hope, I finally discovered how painless and effortless hair removal can be  ! I kept asking my therapist if it will hurt ! And she reassured me time after time that it is really easy and totally no pain will be experienced by me hahaha.. You can say that I have a low threshold for pain at times . Because of the low dosage used and also the new generation machine at Beauty Hope uses a cold applicator that makes the whole process very comfortable , I am super pleased with the whole experience ~

*I rather not shocked you with photo of my fat arms, 
so here's a photo that looks like how it takes place
when the IPL is done on me !
Due to the brigthness of the light, a eye guard was placed
over my eyes and my therapist shaved away the hair before 
applying of the gel on my arm pit.

Seriously, the actual process was over in about 5 mins~ 


It has been around 3 weeks since that treatment, i must say hair growth around the pits has been slow ! The regrow is not as corse as before . Generally it takes about 10 sessions to see the full results . You can find out more about this treatment by calling the friendly consultants @ 96477571 :)

~~~~ Chinese New Year Promotion ~~~~
There is a special Chinese New Year promotion just for you readers !
You can get all prepared for the nice fitted sleeveless cheongsam this festive season :)
IPL Hair Removal package for underarms area for $299 ( unlimited treatments ! )
Do grab this opportunity and try this IPL treatment out !

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Tohs at Mcdonalds

We have entered into the festive month of December ! What better to way to celebrate the happy mood in the air other than feasting on some newly created items by Mcdonalds !

Introducing the McDonald’s new Clubhouse specials, there are two types of burgers to choose from, a new McFlurry flavour , a new fries that has so far caused a flurry over Mcd fries lovers and a special drink on the menu ~

The Clubhouse specials consist of the Grilled Chicken Clubhouse Burger as well as the Beef Clubhouse Burger .

Grilled Chicken Clubhouse Burger
is sandwiched among fresh lettuce, cheese, caramelised onions
crispy chicken bacon strips.
Chicken is rather tender and the sauce and
the condiments goes hand in hand !
I certainly enjoyed this burger a lot !
However, I didn't quite like the bacon as it was
rather dry and hard biting into it

Here's the other new creation
Beef Clubhouse Burger
This burger to me seems like an upgraded version of the
hamburger. I found the patty rather thin, but it was
made up for it by the taste and flavour of the burger.
Again, I didn't quite fancy the bacon strips.
You can now enjoy a coke float at Mcdonalds !
It is a cool idea to have the soft serve with coke :)
Truly the best of both worlds !
Here's an item that received a lot of reviews on
the social media platform
So yes, I am sure by now you have realised
it didn't taste like those truffle fries from cafes,
but the aroma from the sprinkles really threw
me away ! It was Amazingly good !
No, not the taste of it, but the smell of it !
I was a tad disappointed coz I felt kinda cheated,
but hey, it's fast food truffles fries and for that
I think it's still pretty ok.
Surely we need a dessert after our meals,
so here's introducing the new
Red Velvet McFlurry with Oreo Cookie Bits
Not really a flurry fan
Overall it was a ok meal, but I prob. stick to
my usual burger orders the next time round
Thanks Omy and Mcdonalds for the invite !

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mrs Toh vistied Joyden Treasures

There is a new addition to the F & B selection at Leisure Mall Kallang . It has certainly given me a good reason to visit this area more often ~!

Joyden Concepts has added their third new outlet, namely Joyden Treasures to this mall. Serving Chinese dishes with home cook flavours , the food at Joyden is hearty and reminded me of festive dinners at home .

Décor at this outlet has a retro , classic touch to it, I personally liked it! There are a few private rooms plus the tables are quite spacious apart and can sit up to about 200 pax. I must say this is the type of Chinese restaurant that I would bring my parents for their birthday celebrations!~

Here's one of the private rooms..
Classic and elegance.

Another cosy private setting

They also have dim sum menu during the day time if Chinese dishes and rice isn't really your thing.

Some of the offerings here are quite special and is different from what they do at the other two outlets. The owners of Joyden wants to serve diners what they themselves enjoy eating !

For instance serving peanut & our local fav.pickles,
Achar ! It is quite a hit with most of us at the table. 
Joyden's special brew of Hawthorn apple  

We started off by having a hot winter melon
soup. It comes served individually in a
cute melon. We love how we managed to find
a dumpling sunken below in the melon.
Soup really warms our heart and tummy !
Double boiled Seafood Soup in Whole Yellow Melon
Simply delicious
 Joyden Original Steamed Red Grouper in Homemade Soy Bean Broth  This is a red grouper that has been steamed with home made soy bean milk
The milk is made daily in the restaurant. The broth is comforting and goes well with the fresh steamed fish . The fried enoki mushrooms on top added the special touch to the fish .
You bet this fish didn't for in vain for we consumed most of it up ! :)

This next dish is the owner's family favourite dish.
Crispy Fragrant Duck with petite lotus buns 欣藝脆皮香酥鸭 $58
The duck, smelling great after it has been simmered
with herbs and spices is then deep fried to give the skin the crispiness and also
a duck confit appearance. The meat falls apart easily when
the waitress was helping us with it.
Sandwich the shredded duck with some of the sweet sauce, thinly sliced
pickled papaya and cucumber in the middle of the

Can't get enough of the skin! 

Featuring the Traditional salt baked crab ( 欣藝传统盐炬蟹) - this is a speciality item from Joyden's newest outlet , Joyden Treasures at Leisure Park Kallang . The crab is put to be after sprinkled with a myriad of different salts and spices that has been wok fried . Baked at a low temp for 30 mins, the crab is chopped n ready to be devour ;)
 the salt really brings out the sweetness of the crab
It is quite a difference from the usual chili crab we know
We devoured it all and thanks to the salt used,
the roe actually tasted like salted eggs !!

We were served these soft and bouncy ma la guo $4.80. These items need no
introduction. Made from brown sugar , these steamed cakes are the
best ma la guo I ever taste :D 
Here's a nice rendition of the classic Orh Ni dessert
Traditional Yam Puree with Pumpkin and Gingko
$16/26/36, $6 per bowl
Not as sweet as some places. I like it !
So now you have another new restaurant to head to when there
is that special occasion to celebrate !
5 Stadium Walk #02
42, Leisure Park Kallang, Singapore 397693

Tel: 6446 8488
Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri : 11:30am – 3:00pm
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Sat – Sun / PH : 10:30am –3:00pm
5:30pm –10:00pm

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Tohs at Cirque Du Soleil Totem ( under the Big Top )

 With the weather turning good in recent days, and the school holidays just being around the corner, it is time to plan for some activities for the family !

This year end, the Big Top at Marina Bay Sands is up again for a spectacular performance . Cirque Du Soleil is back after 10 years and brings us Totem this end October to 6 December under the Big Top !


Thanks to Base Entertainment, I was invited to catch this breath taking awesome troupe at the grounds of Marina Bay Sands

Written and directed by Robert Lepage, Totem features a cast of 46 acrobats, actors, musicians and singers from 17 countries performing an impressive collection of jaw-dropping acrobatic acts, in an uplifting array of athleticism, comedy, soul-touching theatrics and surprising visual effects.I simply love the carnival like environment :)  

It is our first time at Cirque du soleil !


Mr Toh having a drink under the Big Top 
on his birthday :D 

There is a wide range of merchandise on sale 

One of the most imporatant element about such acrobatic performances is accuracy and precision . Such amazing coordination is the result of many  hours of practices and rehearsals. 

Watch them fly !
 Even though knowing how good they are ,I still can't help but fear
for their safety !  


The girls on these unicycle got me going crazy ! 
Perfect chemistry and coordination ! 

It was a fun night ! 

Now, don't say I never warn you ladies and those who are afraid of the cold ..
Do bring along a sweater or jacket to keep warm as the air-conditioning inside the big top
is freezing cold! Don't worry about drinks as there will be some snacks and drinks on sale .

Get your tickets soon before the good seats run out !
You can get your tickets here :


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mrs Toh vistied Sunrise Bistro & Bar

Right, so I wanna be honest, stepping into Sunrise Bistro and Bar and looking at the whole set up didn't quite make me go wow. But once food was served, the casual setting didn't quite matter anymore ! The quality of the food was truly fresh and prices of the dishes are a plus point for sure.

Steering the kitchen in the right direction is Chef Vincent who has 22 years of experience and he specializes in the sous vide way of cooking .

Here's some of the selection we had that evening .


Seafood chowder $12
Super addictive
sliced thinly are these luncheon meat chips
Truly a wonderful starter !~


Lets have some pre dinner drinks !
Sunrise Bistro has an extensive
range of beverages !

 Super refreshing ~ 

Meet Charlie Brown
great if you like creamy drinks :)

Main course

So you have seen and eaten fish and chips,
but have you had a WHOLE FISH for your
Fish & Chips? This dish is truly value for money
The fruity mango salsa sauce goes well with this
nicely deep fried Red Snapper  $26

Infused with Asian flavors is this Duck Confit.
Asian five spices Duck Confit $28
Sous vide for about 8 hours and served with
citrus salad and  passion fruit sauce.
This is my of the evening
Cereal crusted Cod Fish $28
Baked to perfection and paired with vegetables
in seseme oil & ginger shoyu broth
Here's another view of the cod :)
I would much prefer slightly more veggie
for the price of this fish though

To die for !!
Salted Egg Yolk Custard Molten Chocolate Cake  $14
gotta share this with friends :)

Sunrise Bistro & Bar

Mon - Thu: 11:30 - 01:00
Fri: 11:30 - 02:00
Sat - Eve of PH: 09:00 - 02:00
Sun & PH: 09:00 - 01:00
Tel:  +65 64409090

Thanks to Christine and Sunrise Bistro & Bar for the kind invite :D