Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Taking good care of ourslves with V-Mina

Ladies,  I am sure there are days when you feel uncomfortable at the delicate parts of your body. 
It could be due to the hormone imbalance, or the clothes we wear , such as skinny jeans and tight pants, as well as before and after our menstruation. Recently, I was introduced to V-Mina, a brand of  feminine hygiene products that are suitable for all stages of a female's life .

Some feminine hygiene products may contain harsh cleansing agents like SLES/SLS/ALS which are commonly used as the active ingredients in most body cleansers. The vagina being a delicate part , doesn't require such chemicals as they strip away the body's epidermis protective layer of the V-Area, which may affect its long term pH level and micro-flora balancing mechanism because that protective layer is the place where good micro-flora exist. 

On the other hand, what is good for us are products that are suitable to our V area that may sometimes be prone to irritations and itch . It is important to make sure that the products we use for the area  has a balance pH at 4.0, clinically proven to improve the V-Area pH to the ideal 3.8-4.2 range.

V-Mina is clinically proven in:

1. Non-Irritancy, safe for daily use.
– V-Mina passed the sensitivity test. No irritation/stinging sensation. It is safe for daily use.

2. Improving Beneficial Micro-Flora Balance.
– V-Mina naturally eliminates harmful micro-organisms.

3. Improving V-Area to the healthy and ideal pH range 3.8-4.2.

 Let's take a look at the products :)

From cleanser to lightening gel to a mist plus cleansing wipes,
these products will keep your V area healthy,  clean and fresh !

This is the Cleansing Mousse( $23.50)  .Unlike some other brands, V-Mina's cleansing mousse is enriched with Tea Tree Extract for natural disinfectant benefit. It also has Aloe Vera that helps to soften and hydrate the V-Area.

Mousse texture
Apply to the delicate area and rinse off gently.

Lightening Intimate Gel ( $15.00)
This gel is able to improve the V area to a shade lighter. Our initmate areas are generally darker due to pigmentation. This gel contains Hyaluronic Acid for the youthfulness of the V-Area..There are also natural extracts of these ingredients for the fairer tone – mulberry root, saxifrage, grape & scutellaria root.

Transparent  gel 

Quite easily absorbed into the skin

I have heard of how some girls do have some unpleasent odor from 
the southern region, especially so during menses. 
This Deodorant Intimate Mist ($13.50)  is able to keep the odor at bay 
and preventing growth of bad micro-organisms and keeping the pH in the ideal range.

This Cleansing Wipes ($10.00) comes in handy after toliet usage and also 
during menstruation

You must be wondering where to purchase these products :)

V-Mina range of products are exclusively sold on this website


Remember to use products that are meant for our V areas and
as the area is very delicate, there is no need to use too much strength when cleansing
Oh and stop using body washes and soaps as they do contain harsh chemicals .
Stay healthy and happy !
Read all about V-Mina and the products at their website


Monday, October 05, 2015

Café&Meal MUJI Paragon

Café and Meal Muji has finally arrived at our tropical shores. I have heard much about Muji's cafes from friends and read about them on blogs too :)

Located at one of the up market malls along Orchard, Café and Meal Muji certainly doesn't lack its customers. I was there on a Saturday late morning with my husband and we had no issues getting a table :) The hot and cold deli doesn't start till 11 am, so before that you can have a drink with some snacks.

The place

Décor is of coz in line with Muji's zen and clean cut outlook 

Expect wooden chairs and tables 
Grab a menu and a reserve tag at the entrance to
"chope" your table while you order your food

I think by now most of you would have found how
how does the mechanism work around this cafe
After getting a table, or being shown to one,
proceed to the display area and you are ready to order your food
* imagine ordering cai png at the coffee shop *
The above short queue formed when we were leaving the café
This was around 11.30am on a Saturday morning

The Food

So ! Here's our selection
Mine is the one right on top, while Alex's is the one at the bottom
You can choose your dishes the a la carte way
(Single Dish: Hot Deli S$5.00 / Cold Deli S$2.70)
or you can be like us, choose the set meals :)
A close up of my
2 cold deli and 1 hot deli plus 10 grain rice
This will set you back by $12.90 + $1 for change of
white rice to 10 grain rice
The cold deli has quite a few selections of salads which are
interestingly delicious! Personally fav is the
Prawn & Edamame Salad with Spiced Mayo Sauce
My choice of hot deli was the popular
Fried Chicken Sweet Chili Mayonnaise
This is part of the cold deli
Here's Alex 's selection
2 hot deli with 2 cold deli, and a choice of white rice or bread. S$16.90
He had the croquette, chicken spinach patty , the prawn salad
as well as the vegetable omelette . His selection
was generally decent !
We also shared a very popular and unexpectedly good dessert
Roasted tea pudding $5.40
Soft and smooth with pleasing tea flavour in each spoonful

From what I have observed, there will be seat allocation
if the café gets too crowded, otherwise, you can get to choose
your own seating.  It was a pleasant experience having our early lunch
at the café. I will go back again for the food and pudding !!

Café&Meal MUJI Paragon

Address: #04 – 36 to 40 Orchard Paragon, 2
90 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859

Telephone:  6735 0123

Operating Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 21:30
Full Menu available after 11:00
Last Order at 20:45

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Redbank & Grill : Good food meant to be shared

If you are like me, sometimes lost in the many choices of cuisine in town, but yet, tired of eating the same old type of food over and over again, then halt  ! RedBank Bar & Grill has arrived in town, and should you be in search of a place that can host a large group , then you should head to this all Amercian dining and drinking destination !

Located at the newly revamped shopping connection to Orchard Hotel , Redbank  certainly has a lot to offer! It took over the space that was previoulsy  Tony Roma's and has one of the longest happy hour in town !

You can start to enjoy your drinks as early as 12 noon everyday to 9 pm for your happy hour and get this.. All day on Sundays ! Now, do remember to drink in moderation ! :) 

The Place

There is a good and extensive wine and drink menu for you thirsty people !

Grab a few friends, indulge in some good food and enjoy the ambiance,
plus there is a big screen for you sports enthusiasts !
Check out that floor to ceiling windows and the high ceiling ! 

Started by John Stevens and co founder Matt Connors, they came together and founded Redbank based on their love for good quality American food and the love of sports. The kitchen is helm by Chef Nicolas who has spent 18 years in the culinary world with 8 years spent in France, has certainly done justice to some of the classic and traditional dishes ( of founder's John's family )

The menu

The Food

Most of the grilled food were cooked in the restaurant's Josper charcoal grill . This kitchen 'toy' is well loved by many chefs around the world 

It's time to show you what we have enjoyed that evening ! 

Let's start off the night with a nice hearty bowl of  French Onion Soup $15.  Topped with cheese gratin, this comforting bowl of soup is unlike the other French onion soup you have tasted ! The onions have been fried to perfect golden caramelized form before it was placed in the stove for the soup . Delicious is what it is !

The salad was presented to us in a oval bowl and it somewhat resembles a bath tub of sort .
It contains blue cheese which may be a turn off to some . So I suggest do not mix the salad up as it may just ruin the experience for those who doesn't quite enjoy this cheese 


Fried oysters sandwiched between two pieces of fragrant buttermilk biscuits . I bet you have never tried this
in Singapore before ! I can even just eat the biscuits on its own! Oysters were nicely done to a perfect crisp!

Virginia Style Oysters Biscuits $18

Tuna Tartare $20
Fresh and mixed with shallots, herbs, lemon and olive oil.
Pretty decent !

 Can't get enough of all the seafood !
Here's two whole softshell crabs seasoned with Old bay seasoning
Maryland Soft shell Crabs $19


I totally recomm.ordering this
3 types of cheese Mac & Cheese $12 !
Comfort food at its best  !!
Baked to nice golden brown with tons of cheese :)
Totally melted my heart

Main Courses

I was half expecting a deep fried plate of seafood platter .Imagine my joy when this pretty fresh
Mixed Seafood Grill
  was served instead ! Definitely a seafood lover's delight to be eating this :)

 I particularly enjoyed the capsicum sauce with the salmon, sea bass and prawn. I cannot resonate with the tuna thou .. Tad tough ..I much prefer my tuna raw �� but over all for $33 it is a good deal !

 This steak is a good size for sharing !
Ribeye approx. 300g $45
Literally melt in the mouth..very nicely done at medium rare 


Lemon pie

This pie has very pretty merinque swirls. Beneath all that fluffy torched sweetness is a punch in your face lemon curd that instantly wakes you up fro a coma ! Chef Nicolas said of coz it is sour..its a lemon tart after all! Prepared fresh daily at $12 each. Pss : this is really for those who loves a sourish and sweet tart !

New York Cheesecake $12
This is a not too dense rendition of this classic cake
Most of us at the tasting enjoyed this !

I must say this Creme Brulee $12 is my favorite dessert for the night 
Love the top torched sweet goodness and the soft pudding beneath
Great value again and good for sharing !

Truly enjoyed the food at Redbank ! I will be back for more ..
Thank you Redbank and Melody for the invite !

RedBank Bar & Grill

Address : 442 #01-02 Orchard Road
(Claymore Connect)
Singapore 238879

Tel: 6694 5376