Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy Golden Rooster Year !

Happy Lunar New Year !
This year's New Year came rather early . We have
barely warm up for 2017 and it's yet another celebration !

The festivities are still on going and we have visited most of the relatives. More get together meals
have been planned for this coming weekend ~ Can't wait  !

I just wanna share with you some of the prettier red packets that I have included in my collection
this year. My collection is kinda getting out of hand.. it has filled a big box.  

So, here we go !
Classic red design
from Manulife

one of my faves for this year!!

Eye catching colourful peacock from UBS

Here's the bigger version
Loving the vivid and vibrant colors !
I just can't bare to use them !
Sorry dear relatives and kids....
you wouldn't be receiving this from me ever !

Very special !
It even has a bottle of essential oil! 
From Schroeder. Love that feather effect on the red packets !
Sweet pastal blue and the cherry blossoms
with birds perched upon its branches
is another of my top fav. Super elegant
From BNP Parbas

 This local unique design is from Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa !

Red packets catered to this year's Lunar year horoscope ~ Rooster !
I got this from purchasing a drink at Starbucks.

 Just had to get my hands on these !!
McDonald's had these specially designed red packets with
purchase of every value meal

I got these Volkswagen ones from their Facebook giveaway

Pretty ones from Four Season's Hotel :D 

Cutesy ones from Melissa shoes

 Chicken design from UOB KayHian

Rise and shine for this rooster morning design !
From Credit Suisse

Loose pieces collection thanks to a colleague
The Tsum tusm one is adorable ! 

Here's the Tohs wishing one and all a Happy Lunar
New Year! May there be abundance of all things good in this 
Golden year of the Rooster.  

Here's my ootd for the first day of the New Year !
Glad I found this pretty Korean hanbok inspired cheongsam dress at
a boutique I frequent 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Tohs vists Foxhole Cafe

We began the new year by visiting a new café in the heart of  Hougang,. Located just a stone's throw from Hougang MRT is a new development - The Midtown. It is a residential development with shops in the first few floors. The Foxhole Café is conveniently located on the first level, and occupies the mezzanine floor as well. This café is conceptualised by two ladies who have a keen interest in coffee and food.
Whimsical cute fox mascot 

The Place

The PourOver Bar shares the same space as Foxhole Café.

There are pastries, bread and also desserts available

The cafe proper is situated on the mezzanine floor
Not many cafes in Singapore are like this
(prob.only in Holland Village )

Nice ceiling to floor windows overlooking
an open field and those flats

Here's how it looks like in the evening. Quite yellow due to the lighting
and it was raining quite heavily that day.

The very instagrammable wall with the unicorn mural !

just gotta take a pic with the pretty wall

The Food

Serving both savoury and sweet items, Foxhole aims to please their customers.  They are still in R&D for the menu so if some of the items doesn't do well, they may just remove them. We ordered a few items to share among the 6 of us.


Bread pudding with sea salt malt ice cream
Slightly pricy at $11.50,  it is one of the nicest bread pudding
I have ever tasted. One thing thou, the serving size is rather small

I ordered a pot of earl grey
came with a stick of pretty pink sugar !
So pretty isn't it..
it is the Singapore sling flavour..
but couldn't taste any after mixing with the tea
We enjoyed this Chili Crab Croissant too
thou it's nothing really special nor fancy.
What is fancy would be those chips that came with it !
Those are Raspberry chips ! It has that fruity
hint to the chips. We loved it !
One of the cafe's hot seller. I can see why.
It's easy to eat and most Singaporeans love chili crab :D
Another shot with coffee , pudding and the wall :D
This chocolatey treat is nice and moist.
Chocolate lovers will like it

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016

Thank you 2016. There were tears and laughter , painful and happy times . I survived the tough times and came thru stronger . Thank you all whom laughed , cried and stayed with me thru it all ! I had yet another fantastic year feasting away thanks to my social media platforms. Shall look forward to more travels this year and surround myself with family , good friends and positive people ! Be nice 2017 !!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Stamping Ground is in Siglap

We love exploring our neighborhood and its surrounding, especially Siglap area. Lately Stamping Ground Café has shifted from another part of the island and landed itself just mintues away from our neighborhood .  Yup, I'm more than happy to have additional cafe choice.

Sharing shop space with a florist, Stamping Ground has quite an ample amount of tables. It was quite packed when we were there on a Sunday afternoon. Had to share the communal table with another lady.

Pretty Christmas decor at the florist 

can't go wrong with flowers and coffee

It was about 3 pm when we were there, so we could only munch on
small items as we have already taken our lunch
Love the taste of the green tea marble cake
but not sure if it's suppose to be on the dry side..

Super love the mocha I had that day..
nice balance of chocolate and coffee :D

We also had a sandwich.. such a delight..
will be back for more 

87 Upper East Coast Road
Tel:  9070 7610
Tues- Sun

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Tohs eat Shukuu Izakaya

Mr Toh and I  are always on the look out for places with good quality Japanese food .We were recently treated to some fresh and pretty authentic offerings at a friendly cosy izakaya in the heart of CBD. Not only do they serve decent food, they also have a wide range of sake. One of the owners of this izakaya, Luis,  is a double certified SSI International Kikisake-Shi (國際唎酒師) and SSA Certified Sake Sommelier. If you are a sake fan, be sure to find out more from him ! 

Shukuu Izakaya 


Warm dim lights and elements of a Japanese居酒屋 fills the entire restaurant.. It gave us a welcoming effect. 

Don't be deceived by this sight for all the tables were 
filled by the time we started eating 

Wall is lined with sake bottles

The staff will gladly pair some sake to go along with your food.

 The food selection

We had some small bites to start the night rolling
Bottom right : Gyu Ponzu ($7) –Lightly seared fillet beef with ponzu
Thou beef is very tender, I find that ponzu sauce and 
meat combi isn't quite up my alley.. Left : Reba Shoyuzuke ($6) – Marinated chicken liver in soy sauce
Thumbs up for this  ! It's actually the first time I enjoyed chicken liver :) 
The liver is well marinated , tender and no weird taste !
 I washed it down with some sake :D 
Top right :Shirasu Ponzu Capsicum ($6) Whitebait with diced capsicum in ponzu sauce
Light and slightly sourish with the ponzu sauce are these diced peppers with whitebait.
I actually thought they were corn kernels.

Oyster lovers will enjoy this . Tasty as 
it is, I find it slightly on the pricey side. 
Kaki no Sakamushi ($12) Sake-cooked oysters

Can't say no to Salmon Sashimi ($14)
Nice thick cut..

They serve a mean selection of charcoal-grilled skewers
TsukuneChicken meatball ($4.50)
  is our hands down favorite of the night

More Japanese satay here 
Tebasaki Chicken wing ($4)
Kurobuta Tontoro – Iberico pork collar ($5.50)
Shitake mushroom ($3)
Bacon Asparagus ($4.50)

Another of our favorites : 
Kani Gratin ($7) Baked crab gratin with mentaiko
stuffed gratin in a crab shell..topped with generous serving of mentaiko

Certinatly will be back with some friends to drink and eat the night away ! 

Address : 8 Stanley Street
Singapore 068727
Tel: 6327 9240
FB : https://www.facebook.com/ShukuuIzakaya

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Christmas offerings at Clinton Street Baking Company

Many have gushed and raved about their pancakes and many have came and queued for it. Established in 2001 in New York,  Clinton Street is clearly a well loved café at has much to offer.
 Clinton Street Singapore has some special dishes rolled out just for this festive season. These are on a time limited basis so go try it before they stop serving it !
{ Truffle Fried Eggs $23} - 2 Sunny Side-up Eggs, Asparagus,
Sauteed Mushrooms, Herb-roasted Potatoes, Arugula, Bacon Lardons & Truffle Vinaigrette
is one of their specials this festive season !! Doesn't this look like a face ?
This dish is great if you like potatoes, but I find it slightly pricy .

{ Apple and Cinnamon Pancakes } $19
One of the Best pancakes I have ever eaten ! Warm , fluffy stack topped with to die for chantilly cream paired with cinnamon apples and candied walnuts . What more can I ask for ? Oh boy ! Drizzle, ok pour all of the well loved maple butter over the pancakes !
Christmas only comes once a year ..diet can wait
So fluffy I can die !!

{ Lobster Mac and Cheese }$15
Elbow Pasta, Boston Lobster Nuggets/Chunks, Monterey Jack & Cheddar 

This totally got me sold ! The rich cheeses plus chucks of
lobsters and creamy pasta is very gratifying !
Best to share this with a friend or two..

 If you are slightly more health conscience,
perhaps this { Kale & Quinoa Salad }$19.00
(option of add-on Grilled Chicken +$3.00 ) will suit you much better
Dressed Kale with Quinoa, Red Onions, Avocados, Tomatoes & Spiced Pumpkin Seeds 
This warm salad is very well received . We cleaned out our plates .
The dressing is totally spot on and the pumpkin seeds added that extra crunch.
good effort to the team for coming up with this 4 special dishes !
I will come back for the pancakes !

31 Purvis Street
Singapore (188608)

Operating Hours
Mon-Thu: 9am-9pm
Fri-Sat: 8am-10pm
Sun: 8am-8pm
PH: 8am-10pm

You can now make reservations via Chope!