Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Get your pufferfish fix at FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant

Once upon a time, its streets were filled with clubs and people would drink and party till the wee hours, Muhammad Sultan has yet seen another transformation. Today, gone are those clubs and it is a little food enclave where one can get to taste many different kinds of cuisines .

I was at one of the restaurants recently and had my first taste of something deemed to be dangerous and live threatening  !! But since I am here writing this , you can rest assured I am still alive and going on strong hehe!!

FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant is the FIRST restaurant in Asia ( besides Japan) that puts fugu ( the famous pufferfish) in the limelight ! It is your Go to place for everything fugu related !

FUKU only serves Torafugu, the king of all fugu in their restaurant.

Some friends after knowing that I had a fugu feast questioned me about how was the fish prepared and if it was totally safe for consumption.

Acutally, no real fugu was being imported into Singapore. Fuku is imported twice weekly from Shimonoseki Japan’s (fugu capital) and with its internal organs removed under strict Japanese regulations. The restaurant also adhere to strict AVA regulations and coupled with the head chef -Mr.Koji's 20 years of experience under his belt, you can be assured that you are getting top quality fugu that is 100% safe for consumption.

FUKU has recently launched two new soup bases for its well loved fugu hotpot; the Soya Bean hot pot and the Red Miso hot pot.

I tried the soya bean soup base during this tasting and it has definitely captured my heart! That creamy thick soup base is something that I wouldn't mind having, bowl after bowl!

Here are the items to be placed into the hot pot . 
This set is for 1-2 pax and priced at $70++
(the fugu is those two pieces in front )

That belly warming thick creamy soya bean broth..together with all the 
fresh ingredients simply warms my heart

Fugu is low in fat content and rich in protein. After being cooked
in the broth, it tasted firm but not hard nor overcooked.
Rest assured that the wait staff are always there to assist you in the cooking
Broth is rich and sweet after being cooked with the fish and veggies. 

 Fuku also offers the Shabu Shabu hotpot with A5 beef imported from  Miyazaki Japan.
 You can order ala carte at $70++ or have it as a set as seen in the menu below .

Here's another way of enjoying fugu
Deep fried fugu looks just like fried karaage!
I really thought I was eating chicken instead of fish!
All the goodness of fish !

 Here's the ultimate! The most popular dish- Fugu sashimi or also known as tessa
Thinly sliced and each piece is as thin as the other , with the middle ones slightly
 thicker to resemble petals of flower. Knifes used to prepare this dish has
exceptionally thin blades and uses a cutting technique known as the usudzukuri

See how translucent each slice is!
Do you know that there is no fishy taste to fugu?
It doesn't have any distintive taste to it as compared to the other sashimi we are
used to eating. The texture is also slightly chewy kinda like squid
and I must say I really like it !

 So here's how it is being eaten..
Mix the spring onion, radish all into the ponzu dipping sauce.
You can proceed to dip the sliced sashimi into it and enjoy!
You can also eat it with a sprig of spring onion.

I hope my photos and description has spark an interest in you to
try out this exotic fish ! I am pretty happy to have tasted this and striked it
off my bucket list !

** do note that they are only open for dinner **

FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant
14 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-01 Singapore 238963
Tel: +65 6235 8216
Opening Hours: Dinner 6pm – 11pm last order at 10:30pm (Mon-Sun)


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Gua Sha ( 美容刮痧) experience with BeautyHope

There is a saying that goes  " There are no ugly women, but there are lazy women" . What this sentence is trying to say is there are no shortcuts in maintaining one's youth ! The stress levels we face these days plus the crazy lifestyles and eating out habits are slowly but surely ruining our skin and looks ! Everyone is striving hard to look good and stay young :) In the process of doing so, a lot of us seek help from the professions in the beauty industry to help us achieve our beauty goals ~

I was thankful to visit BeautyHope at their 2nd and newest outlet at Waterloo Center. It is just a 3 min.walk from Bugis Junction ~ I love this location as it is so centralized as well as near to my favorite shopping and cafe enclave !

BeautyHope  has been a long standing player in the beauty and skincare industry . Having well trained and experienced beauty consultants and therapists has kept them very popular with customers from all ages and walks of life ! When I was there for my appointment, there were the heartland auntie who was waiting for her turn and as I was leaving, there was also a teacher who was preparing to do her facial :) So really, everyone should make it a point to take care of your skin ~

So, before we proceed to the facial itself, I was told to fill up a form that required me to answer certain questions on my lifestyle and dietary  habits. The things we eat, how much we sleep ( or for that matter, how little we sleep) , lifestyle habits are all reflected  upon our skins. Healthy skin maintains a proper barrier between your internal organs and your environment.

Beauty Consultant

Beauty Consultant Emerlyn helping me with 
my form as well as answering my queries . Everyone at Beautyhope 
is very warm and friendly ~

Facial process

As discussed earlier, I will be doing the Gua Sha treatment . Some of you may think that gua sha is only for the body, but in actual fact, it can be done to the face as well ! Of coz you got to look for the right practitioner to help you on that ~ The beauty therapists at Beautyhope have all undergone strict training before they can do the treatment on our faces. It is important to know where are the points to apply pressure upon using the special ox horn tool along with organic essential oils on our faces and necks.

So I was shown to the room where the facial treatment will take place
here's me after donning on the tube clothing :)

The therapist was very patient with me and even though I had only very light make up, she was very thorough and only applied very gentle motions when it comes to makeup removal . After inspecting my clean and cleansed face, she proceeded on to trim my eye brows ( they havent been trimmed for a couple of months ! >_< ) I like how she cleaned up the stray brows and gave me a natural look.

Soon after, my face was given the tingling bubble mask to exfoliate and prepare my skin for the extraction. This bubble mask is very good as it practically made the extraction painless ~!

Hope I didn't scare u ! :D 

I was almost falling asleep as up to this stage,everything 
has been very comfortable . My skin does look brighter after
the bubble mask ! I do get some redness around my cheeks 
as I do have mild sensitive skin

Benefits of Gua Sha

As we all know, there is nothing much we can do to stop time and gravity. Unless one is willing and has the funds to go under the knife, it is usually inevitable that our skin will start to show signs of aging , such as sagging jaw line or appearance of wrinkles ( yes, sadly it is happening to me ! ) Gua sha is able to slow down these aging signs to a certain extend ~

Here are some of the benefits of this chinese beauty treatment ~

-- improve on blood circulation ( makes us look less tired !~)
-- helps in lymphatic drainage ( great for flushing out toxins )
-- helps in reliving neck and shoulder pain ( we sit way too long in front of the computers n work desks ! )
-- reduce facial pores
-- lighten pigmentation

I am all in for this beauty treatment ! The effects are almost visible after one treatment .

 Here are some of the steps and motions applied to my face and neck area 
It is very comfortable and no pain at all to me. Of coz if you feel uncomfortable 
at any point in time, do let the therapist know ~ :) 

 Applying the special tool on the right places has great effects and benefits 

Here's me totally relax and skin looking bright after the Gua sha ~! 

I was given a mask after my gua sha treatment and the therapist also gave me a 
scalp n head massage . Very relaxing indeed.
(I wouldn't be posting that photo as it was 
pretty Halloween like !~  )

I am very pleased with the reasults I must say !
The deep laugh lines around my mouth 
has reduced to a certain extend and skin feels very smooth and taut ! 
 Well, if I can delay aging within my means , why not :) 

Really thankful to Beautyhope for this chance to try out the Gua Sha treatment
You ladies have been a great help and made me felt at ease too ! 

Do follow Beautyhope on their facebook page as they are currently having SG50 promotions!

Great news for you my dear readers ! You can get to enjoy this Gua Sha Facial at a special first trial price of $68 . ( usual price $228) . Give a call to BeautyHope Beauty Concierge at 96477571 to find out more !

** The above first trial promotion is only valid for first time customers only
Valid for both male and female aged 21 years and above
Valid for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents only **

Waterloo Center Branch 

261, Waterloo Street , #02-42
Singapore 180261
Tel: 9647 7571
Ang Mo Kio Branch
Blk 709, Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-2605,
Singapore 560709 (AMK Centre)
Tel : 6458 2293

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Spicilicious good time at Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe

In case you don't already know, I have a slight fetish for spicy soup. It's my love hate relationship with spicy stuff.. I love them and I hate them at the same time.

This time round, I found a place to satisfy my love for Tom yum goong. In fact, I have nothing but good reviews for most of the dishes I tried that night !

Situated just minutes away from Paya Lebar MRT station , under a block of flats is Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe. Just imagine coffee shop space with glass door and air conditioned in door seating with al fresco tables outside for mookata.

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe was founded by homegrown businessman, Ron Poh five years ago. They used to be at Jalan Bersah, and I have always been wanting to go , but due to my procrastination, it took me so long to finally eat there ! Some of the dishes are quite new to me as they speicalises in Northern Thai ( Isan ) cuisine

Don't drool when you see my food pictures ~~~

What is Thai food if there were no chili?
FOUR TYPES ! Yes, 4 types of chili for you to go with the food ~


Three specialdrinks to quench your thirst


Pick your poison to go with these wings ! 

Bbq wings are always a perrnial fav with both adults and kids ~
$6 -4 x, $9-6x  Eat them while they are hot !

 Next appetizer
I didn't quite like this.. but some of the group enjoyed it :)
 Cha Om is an omelette with dill ( not our usual dill )
These leafier dills are well-loved herby vegetable among Thais, Cambodians and Laotians

This Claypot Coconut Tom Yum Goong can't get any better !! 
Spicy coconuty goodness comes in two sizes $18, $28
It was spicy but not the type that will choke you !
I love it plus there are coconut slices in it!

Stunning presentation of this Thai style otak in a coconut husk
  is one refreshing take..very different from the normal Thai otak we know .
 Overflowing of seafood and slices of coconut brings out the sweetness of this dish and 
balance out the spiciness :) thumbs up for this otak

Seafood dishes

Most of these seafood dishes are based on weight and seasonal pricing

I have never tried crabs when I had thai food before, 
this is the first Basil Black Pepper Crab for me !
Quite saucy, and goes well with rice . Crab was fresh and tasty too
But still, given a choice I will go for my usual Singapore style hehe

Chili Garlic Red Emperor Snapper was one of the fish
we had that night. Fresh and spicy, this is less fiery than
the 2nd fish dish we had. Fresh as it was, it was a little tough for my liking

Have you tried the cat fish?Here's your chance !
 Not the prettiest thing from the sea,
but one great dish to eat !
If you haven't already notice, the cat fish is
being heated by charcoal fire..great for keeping the dish constantly hot

Do not bother trying to pick the fish head, there is no meat there.
The best part of this dish has to be that spicy lemony soup!
Thai Walking Cat Fish with Spicy Lemon Soup $28
Drink it straight or mix it with the rice.. soo yummy ! 

After we have conquered the table full of food, it was time for dessert !

This plate of gold fish mango sticky rice were the  efforts of the staff at Spicy Thai  !
It was one of our foodie friends' birthday that day !
Totally cute !! and yes, can't go wrong with this dessert :)

This tapioca and coconut milk ($3.50) dessert may prove to be
just too heavy for after meals. But it's okay to share among a few people
They may wanna go a little easy on the coconut milk thou :)

Lemongrass jelly with Aloe vera cubes & Calamansi
This was heavenly ! Just the right dessert
to dose the spicy fiery food we just devoured ! :)
Cool and not too sweet...great on a warm hot day too ($2.50)

If you are looking for good Thai food that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket,
then you gotta try Spicy Thai!! Oh! By the way, they do have mookata too !

I am so going back for my tom yum goong ~

Spicy Thai- Thai Cafe

Address : Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2,
#01-35, Singapore 380115

Tel : +65 6747 8558

Opens Daily from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Healty and colorful Juices at Beesket

How many of us are guilty of not consuming enough fresh fruits and vegetable each day ?  With our topsey turvey and hectic lifestyles in recent years , many of us are working longer hours and dining out more often. It is only right for us to include enough fruits and veggies in our diet :)  According to Singapore's Health and Promotion board, we need to consume 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetable each day ! How about incorporating a full of goodness fruit and veg juice in your lunch ?

Just last week, we had the honor in trying out some delicious and refreshing and awesomely good juices at the 2 months old Beesket !

Beesket is a fun and trendy Korean D.I.Y juice bar that provides customers with unlimited fun and freedom of expression when creating their own juices

Shop front

Check out the clean and colorful shop front !

Notice the bright vibrant honeycomb like panels?


Do you know that Beesket is made up of two words? Bees and basket !

Well, bees love to pollinate from pretty flowers; when choosing our fruit juice, we are like bees, picking from each individual bee hives! Each of the colorful fruit capsule consists of a fruit or vegetable. We simply pick up abasket and then, like a bee, busily flit around the counter to choose our fruit capsule and drop them into the basket.

 This is how the basket looks like :)

Choose 3 of your fav. fruits and veg capsules for your own special creation
This DIY pick and choose is only avaible for creating
a Beesket Original Juice ($5.90 per 350ml cup)

If you are worried and wonder if your creation will turn out tasting good or bad ie- too sourish, 
too sweet.. bitter etc , then why not choose from a series of * Best Combination* by Beesket ? :)
Try it out for yourself !

So after choosing your choice of fruits and veggie, it is time for you to place your order and make payment ! 

Place your entire basket into this special scanner and let technolgoy do the work for you ! Each fruit capsule has its own unique Radio-Frequency Identification ( RFID ) chip.

So when you placed it on the scanner, the system will automatically reflects the calories of the juice, type of vitamins in the juice combination as well as the price on the computer screen just like the one you see below :) 

You will be given a score card with the juice info printed 
when you collect your juice! This juice creation contains
154 calories ( this yellow juice was Alex's)

You may say oh, it's just like those I get from a hawker center ! 
But wait!! Each mix receives a spoonful of Beesket Fruit Nectar an all-natural fruit extract made from eight different fruits. This trademarked nectar draws out the juices  flavour  naturally  and balances out  acidity  to  produce a  smooth  and refreshing  drink.  For  those  who  opt  to  have  a  juice  completely  made  of vegetables,  the  extract  helps  to  enrich  the  flavour  of  the  combination.

Here's mine !
and the fruit capsules that I have chosen ! I included Kale( a power veggie!)
haha..that explains for the super green juice I got ! Full of goodness!

Here are our score cards !
Can you tell which one is mine?
As you can see, the yellow juice creation by Alex does not contain a lot
of vitamins as compared to mine ( middle) and another friend's  .

 To avoid having a score card like Alex' can always 
refer to the vitamin information that is stated on the fruit capsule panels
itself. For eg, grapefruit contains vitamin B1 and vitamin C can 
pick up fruits/ veg that contains the type of vitamins that you want to include in your juice !
It is that easy and fun to customize your own creation !

 There is more you can get out of your fruit juice score cards ! 
Each card comes with a different type of discounts printed on the back.. 

There are also pre set juice types for those who wants a quick fix.

Natural Fruit Tea (Hot)

The first of its kind in Singapore ! Personally I love the Pear Ginger tea.($5.40), . Other teas include a delightful Green Grape Tea ($5.40), citrusy Grapefruit Tea ($5.90) and a soothing Honey Lemon Tea ($4.90). These tea are being heated on a steamer gently so to preserve the nutrients and enzymes


100 % Natural Blended Juice ( Cold )

 Great on a hot day and when you just wanna pick and go. You can simply pick from one of these combinatons. Pineabanana - pineapple and banana . Berryberry- strawberry , raspberry & apple. Yam honey- yam & honey Berryberryberry- strawberry, blueberry &; raspberry . Lastly , there is also Green Smoothie - Broccoli & Papaya( price ranges $5.40-$6.90)

100% Natural Cold Press Juice ( room temperature ) 

Also commonly known as cold-pressed juice, Beesket serves theirs at room-temperature. Combinations include: Pear and Ginger ($5.40), Kale and Green Grape ($6.40), Carrot and Apple ($5.40) as well as Celery and Pineapple ($6.40).

 You will receive a stamp card to collect stamps like you see on ours !
Get a stamp for each drink you purchase and receive a stamp..
A free Beesket juice is yours after 10 stamps ~

For someone who grew up drinking juices, I really like Beesket. Juices can be a full meal for me and I like the ease of being able to choose what I like in my juices.I love the fact that there are calorie count stated on each juice card as well ! Great for health consience people and those on a diet ! 

 Alex usually don't like anything that has celery but he surprisingly enjoyed one of the drinks that contains celery~! 

This is also a great way to get children who refuses to consume fruits and vegetables. It may just change their minds about the taste of these fruits and vegetables . ! Kids and adults alike can have fun together !!

Beeskat outlets

Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038

321 Clementi Mall
Singapore 129905

Opening Hours
10.30am – 9.30pm daily