Thursday, November 28, 2019

Absolute Wellness helps me regain my confidence

I am happy to announce that I have officially finished all my sessions with Absolute Wellness under their awesome CSH therapy program. Weight loss aside (which I will talk about later), I have nothing but praises on how the therapists have helped and encouraged me throughout all my sessions at the Bugis Cube outlet. 

(If you want to find out more about how I lost 5kg in less than 2 months without exercising and extreme diets, click here.)

The friendly team at Absolute Wellness are always cheerful and encouraging even when they knew that I kinda “cheated” on certain days. They never chided me and only had kinds words to motivate me to strive on during my treatment sessions. 

Before I started treatment in April, I was 55kg. Now I’m 5kg lighter…and I lost 4kg around my tummy,  4.5cm around my rear, 7cm around my waist and even 3cm around my arms and 3cm around my thighs. Everything feels firmer now!!

But better yet, my scraping and cupping sessions at Absolute Wellness has shrunk my appetite quite a lot (just as my therapists said it would). So even if I had wanted to binge eat or pile on all the hawker food, I just couldn't!

With that said, some of you may wonder if there is any weight rebound since it has been about 3 months since my final session.

Truth to be told - the answer is no! I have been quite naughty with my eating, as I have REALLY been going around enjoying good food. I also haven't been eating as many salad lunches I would love to lately.

Recently, I even went on a 3-day 2-night getaway to Ipoh, where I absolutely ate everything without restraint.

As you know, there are tons of local good food to be found in Ipoh!
 So I was eating my way through Ipoh with my friends during those days

This was me with my other half at my birthday lunch:

Despite all that, I maintained the results very well. If you have been seeing my recent postings on Instagram and wondered how can I still be going for those invited food events and still able to maintain my size? So yes, you got your answer! This is the beauty of the CSH therapy treatments that took place at Absolute Wellness.
The fantastic thing about the treatment is that it helps to increase your metabolism in the long term so that even after treatments stop, the weight doesn’t come back! 3 months after “graduating” from the program, I can still enjoy good food without dreading weight gain. It was amazing… and so different from my past weight loss experience, where my weight will rebound once I stop exercising or once I stop dieting. With CSH therapy, maintaining my new weight is so much easier now.
(I’m not the only one. Check out how well my fellow blogger Soon Koon maintained his weight since his treatment ended!)
Those couple of months of eating cleaner and healthier has certainly changed the way I look at food. On the other hand, there are still days where I get tempted by colleagues and friends to indulge in a cheat meal or two. But I have a much healthier approach to that nowadays. For instance, if I had a very sinful lunch of curry chicken, I would make it up by having salad for dinner. These sensible eating habits go a long way!
But being a foodie at heart, I will always enjoy my steak, desserts, hawker food but in smaller portions and more moderated in terms of frequency too (thanks to a much smaller appetite now!).
I ultimately want to have a good health report card!
So, here’s the thing, I didn’t starve myself to get where I am today. These are a few golden rules I have for myself these days:
                    Fill half of my plate with vegetables
                    Choose healthier snacks that satisfy me with fewer calories
                    Eat up to 70% of fullness each meal instead of stuffing myself silly
As with any weight loss journey, I also highly recommend gathering support through friends and family who can be there for you. Weight loss is such a personal experience and sometimes emotionally exhausting too. So I think a big part of maintaining healthy habits for life includes surrounding myself with people who are on the same page! What can I say?

Absolute Wellness has really helped to put my overall health and eating habits in the right perspective!