Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The One who went Dazzling Cafe Singapore

After my first experience with Dazzling cafe in Taipei, I was kinda thrilled to know that Singapore will also get to enjoy the pretty honey toasts and rabbit ear chairs !

 So yes , there I was two days ago with two foodie friends and we stood in line with a mixed range of diners ( young girls, students and office crowd  ). As they are still in their soft launch phase, opening hours are only for certain hours only. At the time being it is 12noon to 8pm.

A staff handing out water for those in line :)

We were given a queue ticket

Located in the swanky new Captitol Piazza, Dazzling Cafe seems to be a hit with customers of all ages . I guess most of us can't resist the cuteness of the place itself plus the pretty looking thick toasts and waffles sure makes any Instagram post looks good!

The decor and cafe interior 

The decor is such a big highlight of Dazzling cafe ! The rabbit ear chairs sure make it a delight for girls to sit on and take tons of selfies and group shots !

Eye catching colors and chairs

I love their coasters! I remembered bringing one home from the Taipei Main Station store

 I love how the natural light shines into the 2nd floor of the cafe

Here's my selfie with the bunny ears
taken in Taipei :)

The Food

Dazzling Cafe serves some decent savory food , but their show stealer is their honey toast range of desserts ! We decided to order 3 items to try out :)

Our honey toast served by a wait staff in frilly white apron !
This is the Mango and coconut gelato honey toast ( $18.90)

 Mango and coconut gelato honey toast  is created specially for Singapore and we were told that this is their "3rd generation toast " makes me wonder what was 1st n 2nd like. We were happy to find out that the gelato stood up to the photo taking test !

 It still look good after our shots and don't worry about cutting the toast up yourself as one of the wait staff in similar frilly apron can assist u in that area !

Here's how it looks when it's all 
cut open. There are bite size toast cubes hidden 
inside of the toast box.

 I must say taste wise this dessert didn't disappoint. The coconut ice cream goes well with the mango.  Pity the outer layer of toast was just too hard to cut..same as the one I had in Taipei .


The 2nd dessert we ordered was the Valrhona Chocolate Waffles ( $12.90 ) . It sure looks dazzling enough ! The recommended scoop of Bailey's ice cream ( additional $2.50 )provided a more well rounded taste to the waffles! It's not the super crispy kind but sure beats some other waffles out there 

Ok, enough of sweet about some pasta?

This is an exclusive to Singapore only dish
Spicy Seafood Tomyam Tomato Spaghetti  ($22.90)
The pasta hits the right notes on the spiciness but didn't score full marks for
the tomyam-ness. It lacks the tomyam sourness and spices punch..

I wouldn't mind going again with friends and gush over the pretty toasts and cute decor.. 
The next time I am there will be with some girl friends ! 

Dazzling Café Singapore
15 Stamford Road, #01-85 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 12pm to 8pm ( Soft Launch phase )

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mrs Toh reviews Environ Skincare

Can you feel the heat creeping up your skin, trying to permeate into your tiny pores? I don't know about you, but sunscreen to skin is as essential as water is to our bodies. I try to use products that contains SPF on top of a layer of sunscreen ... I have been a sunscreen wearer for years !

Depending on how fast your skin gets red.. you may have to reapply the lotion after a period of time.
Personally, I like a sunscreen that is not sticky nor difficult to apply.

Lately, I discovered Environ skincare brand. I have been using these two products in my daily makeup regime and they have been performing pretty well so far :)

Here's a bit more about Environ ! Developed and produced in Cape Town , South Africa by Dr Fernandes , Environ has a star ingredient that not many other facial, skincare pdt uses ! Do you know they are the first brand of skin care to use Vitamin A ! I have heard so much of the goodness about Vitamin A, aka Retinol for years. It's quite a delight to know that these trial products
I am using have this key ingredient !

 Vitamin A has a corrective effect on skin, smoothing it and softening and protecting it from the effects of UV rays and free radicals. It also promotes the production of healthy collagen and elastin and improves skin's natural moisture leading to healthy , younger looking skin ! Isn't that what we ladies want? Let's face it, we really want to stay young and look young !

All of the brand's non-greasy, easily penetrable moisturizers also help protect skin against free-radicals, and repair damage caused by time and exposure to the harsh elements.


Let me tell you more about these two products :) 

1- C-boost 
C-boost is from Environ's Evenscence range . It is aclarifying cream that contains a stable form of vitamin C (ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate) in a light and non-greasy formula. It is formulated to help improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and sun damaged skin. Due to our exposure to the sun, some of us may get blotchy brownish spots and pigmentation, and as we age, the appearance of fine lines appears. C-boost comes in here to help treat these issues we face !

 Ingredients list

Here's the texture of C-boost on my hand.
It is very light and absorbed quite well into the skin.

Does not feel sticky at all  

**  Apply C-boost before your moisturizer


2- RAD sunscreen
 Environ RAD sunscreen is a sun protection cream. The sun filters and sun reflectants contained in this product provide a SPF 15 while natural antioxidant vitamins increase sun protection and assist in fighting free-radicals.
 Ingredient list

 slightly milky texture
but totally not sticky at all! 
I don't like sticky sunscreen 

 Again, it is very easy to apply and 
doesn't leave a white sheen unlike some other brands !

  • Apply RAD SPF15 to the face, neck, décolleté and body.
  • For daily use on all exposed areas of the body as a sun protection.  It is wise to reapply this product every two hours  when spending long periods of time in the sun.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Suitable for all ages, including babies over age 6 months.
Do visit Environ SG on their Singapore Facebook page , and Environ to find out about their product lines and you can also message them on Facebook for purchases :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The one who enjoys Singapore Local Food

It would be hard for me to post just one image according to the contest instructions above
for there are so many food selection that I think can fit into the Singapore Food Culture image :)

It is not wrong to say that we Singapore have a keen interest in food, in particularity , in eating it. Singaporeans love to eat round the clock. It is that one thing that unties us. There are office lunch time food groups who discuss where they should go for lunches to Instagram foodie groups who meet solely just to check out the best char kwey tiao. You get my drift ...

I love food too, it's quite obvious from my Instagram nick,  @eileen_eats_alot
So, here are my photo entries for The great food panda blogger contest 2015

Since Singapore was once part of the British colony, 
some of the Hainanese Chinese who worked as kitchen helpers 
with the army and British residing in Singapore learned how to make toast, french toast etc
They then set up stalls and started selling these delicious sets to us locals 

Kaya toast and half boiled eggs have since taken over
 our hearts and claimed a stake in our tummies. They are enjoyed 
by all races and is also something that spans across the ages.

The half boiled eggs will always be a part of me.
It was and still is a comfort food for that my maternal 
grandma used to cook for me and hers always turns out perfect..
the way I like.. She is getting on in her years and has
 since stopped any form of cooking.

Another dish that has a special place in alot of Singaporeans' hearts 
would be the evergreen fish ball noodles
The ones that work for me are those that has handmade fish balls
They have to be freshly made daily and doesn't taste artifical! 
I love my fishballs paired with mee pok and they have to be cooked al dente.

 I am a happy girl with my noodles covered in chili and ketchup
Judging from the crowd and long ques at popular stalls, Singaporeans certainly 
love this dish alot..just like me! We have since made it our staple food, 
eating it from breakfast, to lunch, dinner and even supper.

Being a mulit racial society, Singapore certainty has no lack of food to bind 
all the races together . This last photo I have chosen is non other than Roti Prata
The crispy flat bread that has evolved from its simple prata kosong now has many many 
variations and also is a dish that is enjoyed by generations! 
Families and friends gathered at prata stalls for that much needed prata supper over 
a round of tek terik is just so heart warming ! 
There are also many of these stalls that serves pratas round the clock!

You know, I can really go on and on with this.. but I will just stop here.. 
I hope reading this post has rekindled some of your food related memories .. 

For more info on this contest, pls refer to and thank you Seth and  Food Panda for
organsing this contest ! Are you a blogger too? You too can take part in this contest !

Monday, April 13, 2015

The One who Hops to The Rabbit Stash

Do you know I used to have two pet rabbits?  The male one was white and the female was black. I adored them deeply , and spent hours playing and talking to them. Tears dropped and filled buckets when my mum decided to give them away the year I had my PSLE. Subsequently I kept hamsters too but they are not quite like what rabbits are to me. Allow me to add on that my better half is a rabbit too... that , I mean, born in the year of rabbit :)

Likewise  Chef Matthew of The Rabbit Stash, is also born in the year of the rabbit, and I had the honor of meeting him last week when I was invited for a media tasting at his new hideout :)

The Rabbit Stash has since moved from a shophouse unit in a condo to the dinning with a view at the lovely rooftop of WANGZ Hotel in the conservation and food enclave of Tiong Bahru.

Bunnies in cheerful outfits! 
The restaurant logo is designed by Chef Matthew himself

The alfresco dinning area overlooking the Tanjong Pagar area.

Nice and bright in the day, 
it really makes dinning here a pleasurable and visual experience

We started the evening of feasting with a welcome drink
Passion fruit and lime..just the right note to
get my appetite started~  :) Peter Rabbit decided to join in the fun 
with a barrow of rabbit sweets!

Next up was the amuse-bouche
I wish there were more of this nice blend of mushroom soup
It left me wanting more..

like I said, it was a visual treat as much as a feast for our palate
Having a master degree in building construction, Chef Matthew now constructs
very beautiful food creations such as this one below !
Crackers "mimicking" fungi on a tree trunk!
What can I say?! Truly amazed !

Rabbit Stash has quite an extensive wine list as well as some very creative cocktails
and mocktails . The well informed staff is there on hand to help you pair your poison with the food you have ordered :) So no worries about not being able to mix and match  your drink and food :)

Meatballs with whimsical carrot pickers!

Allow me to reveal the 7 course dinner we had ...

Chef Matthew creates seasonal menus inspired by 7 characteristic of
"ENSOPHI ", namely, Exotic, Nostalgia, Soil, Ocean, Pristine, Heritage, and Impression
Each of these dishes is like an insight to the heart and mind of Chef Matthew 
and taking a trip down his memory lane.

We were served an elegantly plated Soil
It has been beautifully arranged looking like a garden 
The olive soil is a delight when paired with the asparguas spheres
Beetroot never tasted better to me in this sorbet form :) 

Pristine came in the form of a matini glass
Consisting of crispy brown rice, coupled with langoustine( a kind of lobster ) and 1st born egg (oops poor hen ) , the dish is further enhanced by a dash of cabbage dashi.
I love how these items comes together !

Chef Matthew enjoys scuba diving..hence he
has created this pleasing Ocean scene 
I like how he uses the veggies and moss to look like seaweed ! 

Another dish that I enjoyed!
Nostalgia evokes our taste memories
Thick lobster broth coupled with purple crab meat, handmade noodles

 Heritage beef jowl( cheeks) , barley porridge ( red because of the capsicums ) ,
 with a piece of delicious soy cracker. Thumbs up for the mouth in the mouth tender beef jowl
Being brought up in a Peranakan family, he created this dish based on the tastes 
and food he grew up eating or cooked by his family.

Exotic looks like a pretty dessert garden. Has Thai infusion to this :)
Chef Matthew marries Thai green curry sorbet with mango fromage blanc ( french cheese )
and on the sides are the wine soaked snow pear
This dessert definitely is befitting to be named exotic ! 
Green curry sobert anyone?

Impression is based on Chef Matthew's impressions of food , people 
and culture based on his travels aboard 

 Bekshire pig served on a board
Everyone could hear one another when we ate that crackling :) 
There is also Granny Smith purée and potato " mud " n a cute piece of watermelon . 
Do you know that these r the things a berkshire pig would eat ? 
Yup, a pig that loves watermelon 

The Rabbit Stash offers a mulit sensory dining experience with a feast for all senses.
I truly enjoyed my time at the Rabbit Stash and look forward to my next trip down the  rabbit hole!

7 Course Dinner - $148+
3 Course Lunch - $54+

The Rabbit Stash
231 Outram Road, Level R
Singapore 169040
Tel: +65 6595 1380

Opening hours 
Lunch hours  Tues to Fri 12 noon to 2 pm 
Dinner hours Mon to Sat 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Rooftop bar hours Mon to Sat 3pm to 12 mn 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

New French Classic Pastry and cakes at Tiong Bahru Bakery

Do you have a favorite cafe or eatery for afternoon tea/ coffee?

One of my favorite go to place for afternoon coffee n sweet treat would be Tiong Bahru Bakery( TBB). With all three of their branches situated nicely in the heart of town ( Raffles City, Tangs Orchard and Tiong bahru) it is pretty easy to pop into one whenever I am in town.

Celebrity baker Gontran Cherrier of TBB has recently introduced 8 traditional French classic sweet treats which he has grown up eating to the dessert range.  Many of which date back for centuries and till today are still very popular and staples at cafes!

I was invited to join some other foodies and bloggers recently for an afternoon dessert treat :)

We were lucky to be able to try out the 8 desserts and one is even specially created for the local Singapore market :D

Started my afternoon with a Rossa Sanpellegrino. My kind of poison. Love the refreshing taste and great respite to the hot afternoon.

Fret not coffee lovers, TBB has a range of lattes n coffee for you to choose from.

Now is the time to feast your eyes upon the 8 delectable
traditional French desserts !

Showcasing the pretty and photogenic pastries and cakes !

 (A ) Paris-Brest – A doughnut-shaped choux pastry with a crisp Craquelin topping, filled  with smooth Praline cream .  

* Oozing cream may entice praline lovers. Personally found the cream too much..*

 (B) Chocolate Eclair – Oblong-shaped choux pastry piped with dark chocolate cream and finished with a glossy chocolate glaçage.

*quite nice but great if shared coz dark choc.cream is very thick and paired with tea!* 

(C) Vanilla Mille Feuille – Also known as ‘thousand leaves. This classic French delight features 2 layers of vanilla pastry cream between crisp puff pastry squares. 

*crispy pastry layers are great! goes well with the cream.. not too fave.of them all! *

(D) Lemon Meringue Eclair – Oblong-shaped choux pastry piped with sharp lemon
*love the sourish lemon and meringeu was nicely shaped and peaked beautifully *

(E) Opera Cake – A chocolate and coffee-spiked cake filled with smooth chocolate ganache and fresh coffee butter cream.

*sorry never been a opera cake fan, but texture of the cake is very lovers will enjoy this  * 

 (F) Tropical Cheese Cake – Cheese cake mousse folded with a mango  pineapple confit, brightened with a refreshing calamansi syrup.

* found this pretty cake a bit too sweet for my liking *

(G) Chocolate Slipper Tart – Tiong Bahru Bakerys take on a classic chocolate tart. Layers of chocolate ganache and a light chocolate shell on crisp sugar dough.

Chef Gontran obversed that Singaporeans love to wear slippers whenever they go..hence this creation !! :P Such a cute creation..

*The chocolate ganache cracked upon the first cut..i love how beautifully crafted the tart is thou :) Once again, it's too rich for me.*

(H) Mixed Berries Tart Crisp sugar dough tart is filled with a jammy mixed berries confit, frangipane, vanilla cream and topped with fresh berries.

* Big thumbs up for this.. it's light enough for me and I love berries to start with :)  *

Another view of the pretty tarts and cakes

Just too photogenic!!

My absolute favorite



  • 56 Eng Hoon Street, #01-70 Singapore 160056 (1st store)
  • #B1-11/12, Raffles City SC, Singapore 179103 (2nd store)
  •  L1-16B, Tangs Orchard, Singapore 238864 (3rd store)

Opening hours ( all stores )
8am to 10pm, Daily