Monday, May 28, 2012

Nature Joureny with Dr. Zeb Hogan

I have been asked how does one get to visit Semakau landfill.

Well, most of the time I would check the Nature Society's website for more information or find out from NEA if there is any activities or 'open house' during their Clean and Green campaigns. 

Fret not now my friends, here's a chance to visit the island in June! 40 lucky winners can visit the landfill with  National Geographic Explorer, ecologist and host of NGC television programme Monster Fish, Dr. Zeb Hogan

Dr. Zeb Hogan will be in town to host  a public seminar on the beauty of Semakau Landfill as he presents an eye-opening introduction on the rich bio-diversity of flora and fauna that can be found on the Semakau Landfill following his first visit to the island. 

Dr. Hogan will also share about his exciting experiences as a National Geographic Explorer, and take his audience through an insightful session on our environment and his work in conservation.

Do visit the link below if you would like to register for the seminar and try your luck in getting an invite to Semakau landfill with Dr Hogan and Nat Geo

 Here's my first and second visits to the landfill..

Registration for the seminar on 9 June 2012  as well as the invite to the landfill on 10 June 2012


Miso said...

Just to share, I went to Semakau for their intertidal walk back in 2009 which was pretty interesting. Not sure whether now there is still such walk open to public. In 2007, I also went Kusu island for intertidal walk and saw many huge and colourful coral. That was a really memorable trip.

Eileen. 静 said...

Lovely pics!

Yeah, i know there were intertidal walks in the past. My friend and I have equired before, and also checked with nature society. Sadly, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research has stopped conducting such tours :( and right now only gives priority to those who has done such works to visit that area. I sure hope i get to hold a star fish soon! :P