Thursday, January 05, 2012

Visit to Semakau landfill

Do you know that the waste we disposed of everyday is collected, burned and the ashes are transported daily to an offshore landfill? This landfill is man made and is made up of Pulau Semakau and Pulau Seking . 

To create the required landfill space, a 7km perimeter rock bund was built to enclose a part of the sea off Pulau Semakau and Pulau Sakeng. The bund is lined with impermeable membrane and a layer of marine clay to ensure that leachate from the refuse is contained within the landfill area and treated at the leachate treatment plant.

Thanks to Wei ting who coordinated with NEA, we visited this plant some time in last November. Been wanting to write about it but always forgot :P 

This was my 2nd time visiting. Read about my first time here( for work purpose)

Had to rush to catch our ferry~ We were one of the last to board :P

Here's our transportation

 Upon arrival, we we brought to a room
to view a video on the landfill as well 
as had a short educational talk conducted 
by the trainers
After finding out more about Semakau, 
we were led out and hopped on to a minibus 
for a tour of the place. 

This is where the waste materials are processed for disposal into 
the wet cells.

A lot of the wet cells are already filled. 
We are left with a few more before this place is completely 
filled with waste. 
So ..always remember 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This stripped 'pot' you see here is actually an old tyre .

 Lots of people come here to bird watch!
You can find out more about that at 

Very nice tranquil place..

 There are some sea grapes plants that lined the roads of Semakau
look at the fruits!
How I wish they are real grapes! 

Apparently they can be eaten..
but this belongs to the landfill and NEA..
should have just pluck one and try :P

Distintive red and yellow leaves of the 
sea grape plant


Here's us with part of the group that visited the landfill
* note all the aunties were wearing their shades*

Rained briefly when we were on the ferry back to mainland 

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