Friday, June 01, 2012

Eileen Eats- Antoinette Palais Renaissances

Lunch on a Sunday at Antoinette

This is a new addition to the Antoinette family. Having been to the one at Lavender, I was looking forward to my lunch date with June last Sunday afternoon.

They took over what used to be the old Marmalade Pantry space. I love how Marmalade Pantry used to the basement , thou has an open concept , yet still manage to remain cozy. That is how Antoinette is and more! I love the wonderful lovely decor! The whole french feel to the place goes well with many ladies. Plus the flora display all around the restaurant gives the place that extra touch :) Did I mention that the space between tables is great.. you wouldn't feel that the next table is 'eavesdropping' on your conversation  :)

Right, lets get to the food..

I read on some blogs about how yummy the Gnocchi cabonara is, so I went ahead and ordered it. June ordered the Classic Egg Florentine and she was really satisfied with it! I tried some and I must say the texture of the poached eggs and sauce on top of the brioche was an excellent combination!

As for my cabonara, I must say it was tasty on first bite.  The poached egg was excellent; I enjoyed watching how the yolk spilled onto the pasta. The creamy wine sauce and bacon was yummy with the nicely shaped gnocchi.

However, after stuffing myself for 5 mins, I started disliking my lunch! The sauce proved too rich for me. My friend promptly asked the staff if they have any Tabasco sauce, however , being french and all, there is no hot sauce, unless I want chilli padi! So , yes, she brought us a small dish of cut chilli padi which I added a few tiny pieces to my cream laden pasta.

The spiciness of the chilli padi instantly brought out a different flavor to the pasta~! With that said, I still did not finish my lunch

We were wondering the whole time why they even have chilli padi..and what dishes calls for the use of it?  :)

Would I still go back to Anotinette? Yes I will but will be staying away from any creamy pasta dishes! Will go for the crepes and breakfast set next!

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