Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eileen Eats- Peach Garden Dim Sum hi tea and Sakuraya Fish Mart

Peach Garden Thomson Plaza
Hi Tea Buffet

There was a promo for Peach Garden dim sum hi tea buffet sometime back..
We were there way before our Bali should be late march :P 

Remember to make reservations as it gets really pack!  I think it's only available during 
the weekends
Too busy eating to take pics..
Food for 5 of us..

love the mini egg tarts.. 

check this out~ 
There's ice cream too! 

Quite like the spicy vinegar dumplings..
but CJ still has the best ones

I remembered we were going ooh over the soup..

Dim sum at Peach garden is not too bad..but if three is no promo , I prob. not go again :)

Sakuraya Fish Mart
Parkway Parade

Had dinner at Sakuraya fish mart 
last wk with my Instagram foodie friends! 
Was in seventh heaven ....
you should know how much I love jap food by now..

One of our friends did this with the wasabi..

food for 3 persons..

This is good!
Tako wasabi..
the chewy texture of the octopus..
marinated with wasabi..hmm..~!! 

 love love love

are you drooling already?

 Do you know what's this?
Death to some, ambrosia to others

I had tiny mouthfuls of this..
one of my friends loves this..
Natto with cuttlefish..
what's missing here is the raw quail's egg..
aquired taste for sure!

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Johor Kaki said...

wow that photo of the sashimi really does make me drool ;P Good shot!