Thursday, May 01, 2008

The sun burnt one at Semakau Landfill

The weather has been *lovely* ( in all honesty, weather like this isn't meant for homo sapiens ! It is so harsh.. I got sun burnt ) for the past few days . Due to a project I am working on , I've been to some of the places that not many people would wanna go nor able to go (unless with the respective gov.approval )

My arms now are in two shades.. rather unsightly.. which means to say they will stay covered till I tan again in the pool or till the ugly tan goes away.

Due to confidential reasons, I am of coz not at the liberty to disclose anything about the project , but still able to post some pictures I snapped in the past few days :) It has been really enlightening and engaging...especially so on my field trip to Semakau Landfill :)

Some of you may know about Semakau landfill, either you've been there on school excursions or thru the media. The landfill was commissioned in 1999 and certain areas were opened to the general public for educational and recreational purposes in 2005. A few hobby groups are actively involved in conducting intertidal and fishing trips to the island. You may wanna take a look here and here for more information :)

Non incinerable refuse such as construction and renovation debris and ash from incineration plants are taken to Semakau for disposal.

The landfill is suppose to meet our island's waste disposal beyond the year 2045, however, if we do not do our part in making the 3 Rs *reuse, reduce, recycle* a part of our lifestyles, the landfill lifespan may be shorten.
Pss.. you think the place is smelly and filthy? On the contrary ... not at all..

Ok, so much for the short intro to Semakau :) Now it's time for the photos :)

Ferry Ride from Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal

No seasick! Yeaaaaa hehee :P
But the air con in the ferry was non existance!
making my ride a pesperation inducing one

View from the Visitors' Center
(Oil Refinery at the neighboring shores)

Vast skies and empty road

lovely isn't scenic
*this is phase two of the is presently unused *

It provides habitat to the birds and
other living creatures as well as the flora and fauna

Human planted mangroves
(the workers literally planted these themselves.. )

Abundance of such tiny flowers
(anyone knows the name of this common flower?)

A beacon

Good bye....I will be back again for the intertidal walk!


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