Sunday, January 08, 2012

Catch some jewels with the iDragon from 313@Somerset!


With the Lunar New Year just round the corner, I am sure many of you are trotting down town to get yourselves new set of clothing , shoes and also getting a new hair cut for the new dragon year!
What better way to do that if the malls are giving discounts and freebies while we are shopping there right?

As most of you my dear friends know I am a shopaholic , so yeah, I have been hitting the stores lately. Not just that, I downloaded a app so that I can enjoy the instant gifts and promotions as well as prizes worth up to $200,000!

To usher in the new year, 313@Somerset has come up with the 313iDragon app for iPhone and iPad :D It is available to be downloaded free of charge in the App store Singapore. Many of us has an iPhone these days so it makes downloading this app very easy. All I did was to search "313idrangon " on my app store and got it downloaded in 2 mins or so.

It is a fun and interactive app. Alex and I were in town over the weekend and we just had to try out this app! Off to 313 we go!

*do note that this app will only work in 313@Somerset's first floor atrium*

Here's a few screen shots of how the app is and how it works :)

Step One : Locate the dragon lady installation at the first floor atrium. It is near the epi shop .

 Start the app and click on Capture. The app will start to load. Once it is ready, scan around the area and you will be able to see the colorful jewels appearing on your iPhone or iPad screen!

see! Alex has done it!
He managed to get one..
Once the jewels are in sight, 
you just have to get scan it to get it into the 
box..then swing or tilt the phone forward to 
capture the jewel!
 Jewels floating around me

Once you managed to capture the jewels, the app will start to load the promotion vouchers
and you will be able to see what vouchers you manage to get.

You can only have up to 3 vouchers a day and these vouchers will be stored in the Jewel vault in the app.  You can either keep the voucher or let it go and try again! Every jewel is a promotional voucher!

Take a look at what are some of the instant gifts and promotions!

Both of us kept this!

Tab on accept if you want it, and release to let it go.. 

I managed to get this and kept it in my vault. 
and captured it again for the 2nd time..
so I released it..


Other vouchers also include :

yummy treat!

 Great for afternoon tea or coffee!

Gear up for Lunar new year!

There are other instant gifts and promotion vouchers 
aside from the ones I have shown you here! 

What are you waiting for?
Get the app and go shopping 
at 313@Somerset! 

Do remember to read the terms and conditions stated on the vouchers

* Promotion ends on 6th Feb 2012 *

here's our free ice cream from Maggie Moo
Just show them the voucher !

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