Monday, January 02, 2012

Good bye 2011

This my 2011 photo grid..

Kinda sums up my 2011 :D

Been a fulfilling year ( in my own opinion)

- lots of bunny babies ( friends' of course)

- spent nice quality time with my close friends

- being with someone ( my Alex, previous an otaku who loved staying at home.. )  who treats me like a queen most of the time (? ) hehehe

- procrastinated enough..finally resigned after 4 years.. ( I do miss my ex colleagues thou)

- explored many places in Singapore ie, went for trails and walks with my good friends!

- short trips to Malacca and Redang

- opening of many many indie coffee cafes and having us checking them out one by one :D

- been a great year for Instagram! Joined in April 2011. Have post 300 photos on it! ( was more but I wanted to do 'quality control' so have since deleted my older posts . Went for an impromptu instameet. I hope I'll be able to join them ( Singapore instagram group, SGIG) in their gathering this year :)

- health wise, managed to lower my overall cholesterol, but still have to bring the bad cholesterol down .

I hope your 2011 has been equally enjoyable and fun!

Here's a toast to the New year! Cheers to a great year ahead!!

(I will not list down my resolutions but keep them in my heart.. )

 Last homecooked lunch on 31-12-2011 by me

Alex n I spent the first moments of 2012
watching the New year fireworks
near the Singapore Flyer 

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