Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Have you tried Koi bubble milk tea? I love it~~

I am in love........

with Koi milk tea with pearls! I am hardly a milk tea person, as usually they are so sweet, and I much rather prefer tea without any sugar or milk. Even back in those bubble tea craze days, I would opt for ice blended ones or red or green tea without milk.

I have no idea what made me walked right up to the Koi shop counter last Friday. There I was at Toa Payoh Centeral, just jalan jalan before I board the feeder bus. I was just casually walking by the shops and somehow felt the need to get a drink..even though I wasn't even thirsty.

I just went right up, and this lady came up to serve me. I was kinda surprised that she spoke with a Taiwanese accent. It then dawned upon me that it was a Taiwan bubble tea chain and 2 of the service staff are Taiwanese. Being my first time, I have no idea what to order, so I told her to recommend me the 招牌 best seller drink. It was none other than their original bubble milk tea. You know how some bubble tea are, overly sweet and taste nothing like tea! Yes, at Koi, you can choose how much sugar you want in you drink!

Isn't that great! I thought it was a wonderful idea :) So i opt for the 70 % level of sugar in my drink. I didn't change the size of the pearls but stick to the normal ones. There were far too many pearls in my tea.. so do take note, perhaps you may wanna tell them not to add so many pearls. I mean I wanna have more tea rather than pearls...may just tell them not to add in the future...it's rather filling. But on hindsight, the pearls are rather nice.. not too hard.not too soft, but i guess it depends on the person who prepares the pearls..

Anyhow... I was handed a order no. and told to wait at the side for my drink. I was glancing around while they prepare my drink and saw that the straws are individually packed. I like that idea, makes it more hygienic.

I was in heaven after having the first sip of the tea. It was deliciously and nothing like those bubble tea I have tasted! I have really been bought over by Koi! It was totally worth every cent of my $1.90. ( yeah..comparatively more costly than your usual lousy coffeeshop bubble tea, but you get to enjoy quality stuff at premium price)

I am craving for it now as I typed..and really have to get my hands on one tomorrow! Gonna get the medium size one :)

I tried one of the new drinks lately

Cacao berry

It was rich and full of goodness! Don't add any sugar to it as it is really sweet on it's own already.


  • Blk 190A Toa Payoh Central #01-562
  • Blk 83 Marine Parade Central #01-562 S 440083
  • People's Park Complex #01-16 S 059108 ( it's along the road, somewhere next to Poh Heng)

  • Blk 704 Ang Mo Kio Central #01-2545

  • Blk 513 Bishan street 13 #01-503 S570513

  • Bugis Illuma ( outside of Illuma, facing Bugis Junction )

Edited on May 2010

ps : expect longer waiting time at bugis illuma.. i wanted to buy yesterday but saw the crowd... i decided not to :P

the bishan outlet has benches where u can sit and wait for your drink~ :)

These days I drink my milk tea with 20 % sugar level.. taste great :D

* i am kinda sian of Koi, am now in love with Gong Cha :) *


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I want to post your review on my website but hor...no address....next time can you get the unit number of the koi cafe?

Can't find any info about it online

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hi..have found the address..


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