Sunday, November 09, 2008

The one who left her heart in Solo Part 2

Was talking to an old pal much earlier in the evening. We were discussing some relationship issues amidst other mundane non hair pulling stuff. He was rather concern about his friend's relationship with partner, so he asked for my two cents worth of view, which I gave ..and yeah, I was kinda happy to know that he thought I have matured over the years ( by the things I said ) and found that I have became rather philosophical. hahahha..I guess I can be at time..but of course it depends who I am talking to as well.


Hey, here's more photos from my trip.. i suppose this would be my last installment for this trip :p

What did I eat in Solo?

Sop Buntut (oxtail soup)

Soto Ayam
Different from S'pore style
It is a mix of rice n noodles

Sweet coconut pancake dessert
You can eat it plain or add on chocolate sprinkles or banana slices

Not for the diabetics!
think layer of condesed milk at the bottom, then rose syrup
top up with fizzy sodo

cola milk
yes, condensed milk bottom followed by coke...

more photos here--

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