Monday, July 12, 2010

I love Gong Cha!! 贡茶

I am bought over! By Gong Cha~ I believe I will not drink Koi for the time being. I wanted to keep it a secret and not tell everyone that there is a new Gong Cha outlet at Novena Sq 2 for fear of long ques. But I can't help it but share with everyone as the speical Gong cha milk tea is super super yummy. It is their No 1. tea on the best seller chart :)

They do have other teas as well.. such as the Lemon and melon tea, flower green tea, plum green tea to name a few.

Shop front

See the wordings on the drink cover?
Alrighty, here's a simple translation..
i know not all of you can read chinese, least to say
the 'old school' letterings

||how to drink the special milk tea ||

There is a certain way to taste the tea if you are drinking it for the
very first time.
Firstly, remove the cover, take a sip of the top layer of milk n tea.
Savour the taste in your mouth
Secondly, insert the straw n enjoy the tea.
After that, mix the drink thoroughly
and enjoy the combination of the flavours of the milk n tea!~

Oh, you can also add pearls and different types of jelly to your drink. They cost an additional $0.50- $0.60 .

You can also choose the sugar level for your drinks. I drink mine at either 0% or 30 % ( as for Koi, I would choose 0 % or 20 % )

the different layers...
top layer being the milk
the greenish power is the matcha powder
This is the milk green tea

1. 什麼是貢茶(奶蓋茶)?

Oh, there is a tiny seating area at the novena outlet

nice swril wallpaper :D


Chrissy and I were at City sq mall
and we went to drink Gong cha !

She gave the tea thumbs up too!

I drank the Ailsan tea 奶蓋青茶
but this time , i added brown crystal jelly
It's originally $2.40
the jelly is 60cents

note to self : thankfully there are only two outlets now.. else I'd be drinking it every other day! that's fat and bad..

* There is alot of inconsistency with the milk tea these days . I bought a cup just last week ( 3 January ) at City sq. It tasted horrible.. unlike other times when I drank them. It was a disappointment. *

180 Kitchener Road
City Square Mall
#B2-K3/K4 Singapore 208539

10 Sinaran Drive
#01-172 Novena Square 2 S307506

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