Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cool cool night....


New Specs

Playing with filters

bluey makes his appearance again :)

been a good week so far..keep it this way !! 加油加油!!

I can't wait to watch Gem of life 珠光宝气 :) Have finished watching 花好月圆..
so now trying to catch up with housewives, betty and grey :)

Leaving you with this song...
my favorite for the week


ps -- Chrissy just got her new car! I was one of the first few to get a ride on it :)
Was out for dinner with them..and Nicole is learning lots of 'rubbish' from childcare these days with her latest learning the word 屁股 and representing it with her mouth! :P hahahahaa.. She proudly showed off her ' 屁股' to me on the way home..

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Julian said...

EEK! NO FILTERS! And what is the chinese word Nicole learnt? *blush*