Friday, February 29, 2008

The one who has great chemistry with her pals :)

This has been quite a busy week for me...filled with activities :P

Lunch with this couple, drinks with another two, JB with my good friend, and just on Wednesday , it was dinner with good friends. ( I have decided to refer to them as my good friends, thus cutting so called 'ties ' to the 'place' i got to know them stomp ) Why so? That's becoz the forum is no longer what it used to be. People as well.. some grew up and moved away...some have been living double lives..some just merely left. But I am really really pleased that I have become closer to this bunch whom I hang out with from time to time. ( I hope the feeling's mutual :P )

Ok, ever since the CNY 'uneventful' unsuccessful gathering..I was skeptical to organise another one. So I decided it is best to just make sure those I wanna go will go and those 'just inform for the sake of informing' wanna go go..dun wan to go ..I also dun give a toot :P this dinner event was such lor. hehehe. I asked Mr Drinkalot to join me , Liz and Julian for lunch but he couldn't . So he lamented why isn't it dinner. It has been close to a mth since I last met Drinkalot so I thought sure..let's just have a small cozy dinner with him and a few others. Of coz mr drinkalot reminded me not to have any expectations of the turnout .

Yes..doesn't matter anymore.. like I say, I am just happy to have these friends for company! Yes, I did inform the rest of our dinner, and like I say, it doesn't matter a bit even if they didn't turn up.. for if they did, perhaps we wouldn't have that much fun hahaha (Julian...we missed your presence! )

Part 1
Geylang lor 3

Dinner took place at this frog leg's porridge tzi char place at Geylang Lor 3. The fare were pretty decent . No froggy this time as Liz and Ivan were adversed to the idea of eating Kermit. (tasty okay! :P ) so we kinda spared these two the agony of looking at us savoring the frogs.

Here are the happy happy people :)

Some of the dishes we ordered. We had roast chicken too..
but I forgot to snap a pic of it :P

I normally dun eat sea cucumber..but surprising I did last night!

This is good..

Liz's darling , Gautam is a very witty and way humorous guy. We all had no problem clicking with him and were drawn to his funny n friendly nature :) It was fun to see him and Liz bantering over small issues.. they are such a cute pair :)

Part 2
Geylang Red light

We were brainstorming as to where to adjourned to after dinner. Actually mr Drinkalot wanted to show Gautam and Liz around the east coz both reside in the West and hardly venture to this side of the island. Well, in the end we opted for Demspey hill :) But not before going on a grand tour of Geylang!! wahaha. It was Liz and Gautam's first trip to Geylang and how can they just leave without visiting the infamous lanes!? :P

Hence we all huddled into mr Drinkalot's car and went on the grand tour . (it was drinkalot's idea to show Gautam around actually :P..he wants to play host hahahah )

It wasn't my first time going into the lanes *in the car of coz .duh * But somehow it was more fun having these pals for company . Yes, we showed them the legal brothels, we showed them the 'freelances' the ugly, the fat, the ooh ooh woah so pretty, the shemales... (men with makeup , looking like girls but may still have the 'tool' ) Liz's heart goes out to them.. as some of the girls look really young.

So a debate was launched in the car as to do they deserve our sympathy ..and how can we help them. I believe these girls have a choice.. some are doing this just to buy more branded bags , some are here on social visits..perhaps they have debts to pay off back home. These girls do it for all sorts of reasons.. this is a trade that no govt can eradicate. If they can stand at the road side, letting all kinds of men ogle at them, I dunno if they still care about their dignity , pride or self love. I guess survival comes first for them.

looks like I have digress from my topic hahaaa.

Part 3
Dempsey Hill

Righty, there were laughter and chatter in the car as we drove on , making our way to Dempsey ..with yours truly being the navigator . There were some limitations on mr Drinkalot's road knowledge :P

It's their virgin trip to this area...and my 3rd or 4 th time :) Somehow the first place that came to my mind to bring them for drinks was House. However, before House, we went in to Jones the Grocer to see see look look at the atas *i am not gonna pay $7 for a small packet of marshmallows * 'provision' shop. They even have a cheese dept!

The bunch loved House.. they were amazed with the sheer size and Ivan was apparently smitten by the PR lady , Jacklyn Chan who was making her rounds in the cafe, talking to the customers ..kinda promoting House :)

(Chrissy..if ur reading this, they have changed the menu.. more stuff now!)

Most of us were really guai last night, as we merely ordered teas and hot beverages. Mr drinkalot dare not drink if he is driving anymore. *good boi* He had a bad scare during CNY.

Spotted outside House
yes...size matters :P

Look! what a whimsical plate!
Okay, I too wanted to pose with the plate ...just like Liz. But when it was my turn, the guys *fingers pointing to Drinkalot and Ivan* were making stupid jokes , telling me not to put the "cock too close to my face" and other crude jokes alike :P Really dunno to laugh or cry. So in the end..I didn't managed to take .

Sinful indulgence again!
This is worth the hefty price :P
Make a guess how much it cost....

Spoon feeding Mr Drinkalot

We had a fun time :)
Thanks Liz, and the guys for the wonderful company

Pity the night has to end early. Would take Ivan's suggestion of having the next chillout session on a Friday! Then we can all chill till the wee hours.. Thanks Drinkalot for the drinks at House (huggies)

It's 29 Feb. Once in 4 yrs. Happy birthday to those born on this day :)
Once heart has been feeling a good way. But kinda confusing at times. sigh. Time to hit the sack. This has been a really long post.

Read here for my first visit to House (more photos)


incognito said...

is drinkalot related to lancelot? haha

Julian said...

Hmmph! You say that after the last line about maybe if some people showed up it wouldn't have been so much fun???

Okay lah will give you the benefit of the doubt...hee hee Wow Gotham has indeed loosened up with our last meet! Hmmm maybe I should show up to tighten the screws a little bit? *chuckles*

*sighs* Wish I was there!!!

Eileen. 静 said...


no Neil..they are not related :P Not sure if he wants to be a knight :P

Julian! u know that I don't mean u ahahaha.. yes wish you were there :)

Anonymous said...

oooooooo yummy yummy ~

I'm so craving for that warm chocolate cake :(

And i know who the blurred guy is ~ :D