Thursday, September 20, 2007

House @ Dempsey Hill

Yes :) I was there last night with Chrissy and Mark . It was Mark's first visit to Dempsey Hill.

House, as the name says it all.. is very homely, very cozy, very whimsical and it is divided into a few sections. House sits at the bottom of the 'hill' , away from the main eateries and restaurants and is surrounded by trees . Definitely close to nature. A little disappointment if one visits the place at night since it's really too dark to have a better look at lush surroundings. Still, House itself is full of surprises at the first vist :), enough to make you go woohh...wahh... hehe.

There are 3 sections you can choose to dine at.. ( or to have a drink and chill out ) There are two outdoor areas, one which is visible the minute you sashay down from the stairs. The other is located right at the end of House, via the indoor section ( near the bar) . That's where we were seated last night.. and there was an aged tree in front of our table. It was calm and tranquil.
oops, did I mention about the spa on the 2nd level ? The treatment rooms overlook the lush greenery! How lovely (brit.accent )

Enough of my description.. here are the photos :) oh yes, how can we not camwhore.. :P

Entrance to the indoor dining area =>

There are a few individual private dining 'rooms' to choose from
Each with a theme of it's own
That comes with a price of coz.
Your bill would have to be $300 and above
Alternatively, one can also book the room for $150
Here's one of the rooms

We love this mural :)

Let's visit the little girl's and little boy's room shall we?
yup, those are the signs to the restrooms...
quite a tongue in the cheek

the lims-- miss lim , mr and mrs lim

For more details , you can visit House's website :)


Musxzart said...

Oh, never come gamelan! then never share your what it looks like a frozen strawberry magarita!

Eileen. 静 said...

lalalla.. i didnt go for practice coz got a headache and pms..

went dempsey on tue night.. :)

mrsc said...

So high class ._.

My puny army pay does not permit such a luxury. The most expensive place I go are like fish and co, manhatten and cafe cartel. The usual town places but I dream of going such nice places at least once. Maybe after when I start working bah :D

Eileen. 静 said...

mrsc-- this place is pretty okay on the wallet.. just that transport may pose to be of an issue :) make sure you have friends who drive or share a cab with friends to get out .

fish n co and cartel prices aren't cheap either :P but me no fan of either :P

mrsc said...

My female friends in uni, my male friends mostly in ns also. I must get my license drive myself there :D

But then I procrastinate until haven even sign up lol.