Sunday, March 02, 2008

Public service announcement --New Nuffnang Advert

Public Service Announcement

Are you tired of your job?
Need a career change?
Been wanting to wear a uniform at work?

Then you need to check out the new Air force adver. in the side bar. The Air force is having a career drive at the moment for quite a number of job positions . If looking for a job isn't want you need now, you can still visit the website to play a game and if you register at the website, you may chalk up some points to exchange for pens, variety of collar pins, model planes , mugs and teeshirts :)

There are information on scholarships as well and detailed info on careers with the Airforce. Do check it out :)

Pss: I kinda like men in uniform :P Only applicable to men in crisp air force and navy uniforms.

edited@ 8.50pm
hey..where is the adver.? i tried refreshing the page and still it doesn't show up. Hmm......
edited @ 8.54pm
#$*#(*$'s there now :P


ShiChen said...

What about those in the army *coughmecough*

I'm finishing ns in 4 days time wooooooo :P

Eileen. 静 said...

*cough cough* tiny voice

no no..dun like men in green :P

incognito said...

that's a pity cos i look smashing in green ;)