Thursday, February 28, 2008

The one relaxing at Privé

Monday Evening

The Lims @ Prive

This time round ...we brought Mark along :)

Marina @ keppel bay is where Prive is located. It seems quite an up task if you try to walk in (side road near Carribeans ) though it should be pretty romantic if you have a love interest walking with you along the pretty decorated trees that line the roads. There's also a walking path at the bridge which over looks the Marina. So it shouldn't be such a bad idea if you just finish a heavy dinner at Vivo :P and would love to walk off the food .

Can u see the water feature? does look like a swimming pool :P

the view was lovely from where we were seated

Another view of the bridge :)


ShiChen said...

Where do you get all these shots ._.

I like to look through your flickr lol

Eileen. 静 said...

where? err...i am not sure if u have been to keppel bay...

i took these pics at the this rest/bar/cafe called prive.

oh..sure look at my flickr lor.heehhe..but i dun usually update my pics there :P