Friday, January 26, 2007

Mrs Lim's expensive fish

I am sure some of you have dinned at this "famous" coffeeshop at Geylang Lor 3. It is popular for its frog legs porridge and have expanded and also include 'tze char' dishes to their menu. I have eaten there on many occasions before they expanded. Service was reasonable and I love the porridge as they are generous with the serving. Business was good and they expended. However, things have changed since they expended.

I have read on some forums regarding the prices of dishes and also the bad service received. A good friend *Mrs Lim* recounted her very recent experience of dining there to me just this morning. It was a dinner for 3, and they ordered the frog porridge, a veg dish plus a fried fish(with their special sweet and sour sauce) recommended by the server.

Mrs Lim did ask about the price of the fish and the person said she will get them a small size one. It seems that she didn't inform my friend about the price per kg or grams as most other places would have. Imagine the shock on their faces when they were presented with the bill of a whopping $85++ at the end of their meal. The fish cost $45 . Mind you this is not some classy chinese restaurant , it's just your round the corner tze char coffeeshop. Mrs Lim , her husband and aunty felt ripped off. It seems that the servers never fail to recommend the fish to dining customers. They could have had a better dinning experience at some other restaurants with the amount paid

I guess this serves as a warning to others who may wanna dine there or any other places where there isn't a fix price for certain items such as seafood. "Demand" to know the exact price before placing the order. I mean we all just wanna have a nice time eating, and if the food is good and prices reasonable, we wouldn't mind telling everyone about it. Same goes for bad services and ripped off cases.. I wouldn't wanna see others being 'con' by them :P

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