Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Jandy!!

Friday 1st Dec

Happy Birthday Jandy

I was watching the google box when Lynn called about 9pm :) Lynn, her lao gong Vincent and our birthday girl Jandy came by my place to pick me up for an impromptu celebration for Jandy . Jan hasn't been feeling well lately and happen to be feeling better this evening.

*Do you know where were we? *

Dear Jan treated us to froggy porridge at the Sima coffeeshop at geylang lor 3. We were seated at a very lucky table no ( '_ ' )

We drove off in search of a "romantic" place to have a mini celebration for Jan. after feeding our hungry tummies. After much brainstorming, we decided on the new pier at Marina South . It is quite a nice, brightly lilted structure *marina south's quite dark at night lah*

The ticket counters and jetties are located on the ground floor. The photos below were taken on the 3rd level. There is a cafe at the other end of the foyer. The other side of the foyer's really dark and there were couples and group of friends chatting the night away (very cosy and romantic as it faces the sea). Oh, all the photos were taken using our hps. Jan's nokia camera quality's quite good as compared to mine..By the way, we suspected they have good cctv around as a guard came up to 'warn' us not to light the candles too long -_-''.

*feels alot like 18 yr old again! *

Lynn got our birthday girl this fruity mango cake :)

Time passes very fast when you are having a good time.. especially when you are with your good friends :) (15 years! ..16 next yr! haha )

It has been quite awhile since the 3 of us had such a cosy gathering of sort. Everyone's busy with the nitty gritty of daily life.. thus it makes this even more memorable and fun :)

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