Sunday, January 28, 2007

Aba men

Snippet of conversation of yours truly with a so called "online" acquaintance. let's call him Aba (see below for explanation on Aba)

Aba : " So I gather that you are single at the moment? "

Me: " Yes I am, how about yourself?"

(aba didn't answer my question, but instead diverted)

Aba : " So how were those previous meetings or dates you had, and have you ever gone out with married men? "

(I knew I wouldn't wanna talk to this person much after his last question..and somehow my tone changed)

Me " hmmm I do keep in touch with a few with those I met quite sometime back. And No..why would I wanna go out with married men? (aba cut me here)"

Aba: " No lah, as friends mah... "

Me: " sure, on a social basis , of coz I have married men friends, they are people I know from work or school in the past, but No I wouldn't date them as I would date single guys. I don't see the need to put myself in any kind of situation which may be unfavorable to me. "

Aba: '' Ok, then how about attached guys? Think I forgot to mention I am attached. "

Me: '' ah okay, and no, wouldn't really wanna date attached men either. I just wanna play safe and not tread on undesirable grounds , you just never know the real intention or motives of some of these men. Besides, I do have single guy friends, I don't need to hang out with attached guys. "

Aba: '' It's quite harmless isn't it, but if things were to happen, just let it be.. we should go with the flow and not restrict ourselves with all these rules.."

Me: " okay, let's just say we meet, and things happen, and so what next? I don't think you are gonna leave your gf are you? (I am quite exasperated by now)

Aba: " *loud laughter* You are cute you know... let's say I hope to develop something more after this phone call, what say you?"

(this guy is really really THICK SKIN. and is he deaf or what, haven't I made myself clear?)

Me:" You know what, I pity your gf. I think I have to go off now. I don't think we need to keep in touch, been nice chatting.

Aba: '' Aiyo, you are touchy hor.. okay ..what can I say if that's what you want.

We said goodbye and that's it.

I honestly don't see the need to have him as a friend. It is so blatantly obvious what his intentions are. He isn't the only attached man that is trying his luck with females, a lot of men are like him. Call me whatever you wish; I don't need to stoop so low to date married or attached men. I really don't care if other single females are doing that, it's not my problem.

*lalalallaala..skips away*

*Aba--attached but available *

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