Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cold bus ride

Am not being rude, but kinda 'overheard' the phone conversation of the guy seated directly behind me on bus service no. 61 . I was on my way home from gamelan practice.
Let's call him Mr ordinary.. (self explanatory as to why this name) and he spoke singlish in a very monotonous manner (zzzzzzz)

"Hey, how ah? You got go out with that piano teacher har?
Not bad la..means got cance (chance)?
She still go out with other guys? Wah, liddat how?
Still got cance meh?
She still see other guys not very good .. you better keep tabs on her."

*by now I can guess that his friend is obviously asking Mr ordinary for advice with regards to his relationship issues*

and the conversation continued

"Flea *Free* market ah? No lah, if got cance then cannot allow free market liao. You allow other men to come into her life, then you how? Must monopolize her"

I was sitting there trying hard to contain my laughter. So mr ordinary thinks a relationship is more or less like the economy..and obviously he prefers monopoly to the others.

Perhaps it is possible for one party to monopolised the other in his perfect world, but in reality that's not gonna happen. Besides, it seems like miss piano teacher isn't even the guy's girlfriend yet. She is totally free to date anyone she fancies..least to say about monopolizing her and her time. Anyway, in this day and age, a girl agreeing to dinner dates doesn't really say much. Yes, she may like that guy but that doesn't mean she wants to sleep with him, cook his dinners or wash his clothes *Men ..wake up*

She is still free to choose and free to date anyone until she chooses the 'best' we all know there is no 'the best'

Well, didn't hear the rest of the conversation as I have to alight .. hopefully the friend manages to secure more dates with ms piano teacher :)


The Horny Bitch said...

Agree agree. As long as never have sex with the guy means she don't really like him n is still choosing. :p

Eileen. 静 said...

oohhh.. interesting nick u have!!
yah yah.. but there some who think that going out with him means wanting to bed him :P