Tuesday, December 12, 2006

dum dum dee dee dum


it's Christmas in another 13 day's time ! Have you guys done your X'mas shopping yet? I have already prepared some gifts for a few close friends and my brother is already dropping big big hints on what he would like to receive.

I dislike gift buying sometimes. Do I get what I think the other person would like or do I get what the person needs, or to make things easier ..just get whatever that is cheap? hahah..sounded so insincere. There are some items which I have strike off as things I wouldn't buy for others. These 4 items to me are items of convenience or last min. gifts :P

1-photo frame
3-shower gel

Hey, if you are buying stuff for me.. heheheh..click here to see what I do not wish to receive. It's actually an entry I wrote last yr .

Saw this in the papers today..just wanna share it here...it is utterly adorable for a mp3 player

Toshiba Pala Chan Mp3 player!!

Quite easy to tell that it is a Japanese creation. Isn't it kawaii :)

This helps in reliving my indigestion discomfort. It's from Marks and Spencer

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