Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blink Blink

Saturday in 6 sentences

1 - Had lunch and went shopping with aunt and cousin Weimin at Bugis

2- Platform heels and shopping doesn't go well with my feet

3-Have accepted the fact that people do cancel appointments at the very very last minute but when that happens 3 times*by 3 different persons* in a span of two days, it makes me a little piss and disappointed.

4-Read Straits times life section, realised I wasn't the only one being 'abused and bullied 'by my school teachers.

5-Some ti ko pek*dirty old man* brushed against my left hand at topshop..angy that he did that, but glad it was only my hand! *will scream if it's you know where*

6-The shoppaholic side of me is happy with my buys and able to take photos at the *blink blink* diamond xmas tree.

**Diamonds are a girl's best friend **

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