Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I don't need a photo frame this Xmas

It's the time of the year for christmas gift exchange!! I have came up top 4 items I DO NOT WISH to receive



3--MOBILE PHONE HOLDER (I got 2 of these last yr, usually in shape of animals or cubes)

4--COFFEE MUG(2 new ones yet to be used)

They are in order of merit. To receive a photo frame for just goes to show how much 'time' the person actually puts into searching for a suitable gift. I have nothing to say if the photo frame is super special, is branded(Tiffany?? haha) , is made of expensive china, or something in that line. But if its just a normal rectangular frame.. *thumbs down to you buddy*

Not gonna go into the other items on the list. Bodyshop gift sets are bought perhaps out of convenience or it was a last minute decision . I think they are over rated as presents. Yeah. I know it's the thought that counts..just that sometimes, the giver has to really give it a though as to what is suitable for the receiver! haha..

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