Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monday nite at the National Museum

*image heavy entry*

Visited the museum again *impromptu* with my brother on Monday night. We went for the Amozozo exhibit. It was only in town for 4 days. It was more or less a gigantic blown up tent . One was supposed to just soak in the atmosphere, sit or lie down to enjoy the place. However, one just couldn't do that because of all the noisy kids inside as well. Ah..and not to mention that it isn't air conditioned ! Oh well.. so much for queuing about 30 mins to get in.

This is the exterior of the tent :)

It's me..without flash ..seated in one of the pods..

with flash this time...

Most of the photos were taken by my bro.

taken by me..spiderman colors.. haha.. blue and red..

Really couldn't stand the air inside..so we came out after 25 mins or so. Here are some other exhibits in the museum itself

weird merlion looking creature

A very tropical Xmas tree !

Here's my previous visit..if you haven't seen the photos :)

will be going to the museum again hahaha.. coz there are other exhibits coming up on the 15th of dec.


Merv Kwok said...

Oo hey.. Looks good. Maybe I should pop down by the national museum sometimes soon

Eileen. 静 said...

yes yes..you should.. there are other new exhibits coming up :)