Sunday, March 12, 2017

Royal Thai Tom Yam Hot Pot at Soi Thai Soi Nice

My other half , Mr Toh, can be quite a fussy foodie at times. He is considered lucky to be working in an area where he has plenty of good food to choose from !

Recently he has discovered Soi Thai Soi Nice and has been there 2-3 times for their lunch time set lunch specials .A main such as  Grilled chicken with rice  plus a drink is priced at an affordable $8.80.

Conveniently located just next to Ikea Alexandra , Soi Thai is on the 2nd level of Alexandra Central.

The kitchen is helm by Chef Worawong Phairat (Olay) from Bangkok and he has 19 years of experience under his belt.. The menu is as Thai as it can get with some slight tweaking .

I was quite pleased to have attended a tasting session hosted by Soi Thai just couple weeks back.

The place 

Soi Thai Soi Nice took over the space
where Atmosphere cafe once located.
The restaurants are under the same company .

Decor etc are pretty much the same as per
Atmosphere cafe

Restaraunts under the SIMYEE  Holdings

The Food

Here's one of the specialty- { Yum Kai Dhao }$6.80
Somewhat a salad with all the pickled cucumber
 and onions atop a fried egg. . Very addictive dish

Cannot stop at one ! These Moo Sam Chan Tord (Fried roasted pork belly) $9.80 
made me so happy just eating them ! Not too tough and the chili makes it better 

I would suggest u to try this ! { Hor Mok Ma Praw Talay } 
 (Steamed egg and otah stir fried with prawns and seafood, served in coconut shell) $12.80. 
Ours is all emptied out from the shell and mixed with rice . Heavenly !! 👍🏼

 Here's our main for the evening { Royal Thai Hot Pot
This pot of seafood goodness uses in-house Tom Yam Soup base

and it is good for 4 persons ($68.80) 

This comes nicely arranged this way ..loaded with crayfish,
veggie, mussels, and also sio bak!

 Pot will be filled with Tom yam broth
Immerse the food into the soup and bring it to a boil

We ended the night with 3 desserts !  How can we not have desserts at a Thai restaurant right ! 

Kao Niao I-Team }
(Coconut ice cream, sticky rice with corn flakes in palm sugar syrup) $5.80
The sticky rice is freshly cook daily using a special item 
that the chef has been using in Thailand. 
I must say it is THE BEST cooked sticky rice ever.
The rice is well cooked and no uncook bits at all.
Soft and tender ..such a joy eating this.

Can't say no to Mango Sticky Rice ! $5.80

I - Team (Coconut ice cream with corn flakes in palm sugar syrup) $3.80
This is pretty much same as the first dessert except without the rice
Good for those who just wants the coconut ice cream.
Some of us do not take very well to glutinous rice

I will come back for more of the egg salad, Tom Yam hot pot and the fried sio bak! 
Overall we love the food here and prices are quite affordable

Soi Thai Soi Nice 
321 Alexandra Road, Alexandra Central #02-01 Singapore 159971

Tel: 6250 4863
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 11.30am-3.30pm and 6pm- 10pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 11.30am to 10pm

Iinstagram : @SoiThaiSoiNice.

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