Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hawker Chan Hongkong Soya Sauce Chicken

Soya sauce chicken has always been one of my favorite dish. The only one I really fancy would be the one I have eaten for years ( Geylang Bahru Hawker Center) . After seeing a foodie friend making so many postings on instagram of the 1 star Michelin award wining soya sauce chicken, I just simply have to try it for myself . 

There are currently two outlets for Hawker Chan's award winning chicken dishes, The original stall is located at Chinatown Food Complex while the few months old new outlet is just across the street.

We were there on a Saturday morning around 10.45 am. There wasn't a visible queue outside the shop , however, the shop was already packed with hungry foodies digging into their noodles and chicken.

So here are what we had that day for 3 guys and 2 ladies.

1 whole chicken ( $23)  , 3 roast platter ($10)  , 1 serving of tao gay ( bean sprout )($3+)  , plain noodles x4 ($1.50 x4 ) and one serving of hor fun with chicken( $4.50)  came up to $48+.
We had so much food that it filled 2 entire tables 😂😂. It was quite an epic sight to behold.

See how glisteningly pretty the skin is..
meat is very tender and soft, even the breast meat is rather succulent.

3 Roast platter
( 2 types of char siew and sio bak )
 Decent tasting but not something to die for 
char siew isn't too fatty

Quite a generous cut
but not the best char siew ..

Most people like the noodles, but I much prefer the kway tiao version

The renowned soya sauce chicken is indeed tender ..definitely deserving the star!
 But the taste of the noodles is less than perfect ..
Mix it up well with the sauce or else suffer the yucky yellow noodles "gee" taste 

I wouldn't mind visiting Hawker Chan again should I be around the area
and if the queue is short ! :D 

The new Tai seng branch is open already  ! 
 18 Tai seng street

Address: 78 Smith Street, Singapore 058972
Phone: 6272 2000
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 8pm.
Closed on Wednesdays.


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