Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy Golden Rooster Year !

Happy Lunar New Year !
This year's New Year came rather early . We have
barely warm up for 2017 and it's yet another celebration !

The festivities are still on going and we have visited most of the relatives. More get together meals
have been planned for this coming weekend ~ Can't wait  !

I just wanna share with you some of the prettier red packets that I have included in my collection
this year. My collection is kinda getting out of hand.. it has filled a big box.  

So, here we go !
Classic red design
from Manulife

one of my faves for this year!!

Eye catching colourful peacock from UBS

Here's the bigger version
Loving the vivid and vibrant colors !
I just can't bare to use them !
Sorry dear relatives and kids....
you wouldn't be receiving this from me ever !

Very special !
It even has a bottle of essential oil! 
From Schroeder. Love that feather effect on the red packets !
Sweet pastal blue and the cherry blossoms
with birds perched upon its branches
is another of my top fav. Super elegant
From BNP Parbas

 This local unique design is from Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa !

Red packets catered to this year's Lunar year horoscope ~ Rooster !
I got this from purchasing a drink at Starbucks.

 Just had to get my hands on these !!
McDonald's had these specially designed red packets with
purchase of every value meal

I got these Volkswagen ones from their Facebook giveaway

Pretty ones from Four Season's Hotel :D 

Cutesy ones from Melissa shoes

 Chicken design from UOB KayHian

Rise and shine for this rooster morning design !
From Credit Suisse

Loose pieces collection thanks to a colleague
The Tsum tusm one is adorable ! 

Here's the Tohs wishing one and all a Happy Lunar
New Year! May there be abundance of all things good in this 
Golden year of the Rooster.  

Here's my ootd for the first day of the New Year !
Glad I found this pretty Korean hanbok inspired cheongsam dress at
a boutique I frequent 

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