Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Tohs vists Foxhole Cafe

We began the new year by visiting a new café in the heart of  Hougang,. Located just a stone's throw from Hougang MRT is a new development - The Midtown. It is a residential development with shops in the first few floors. The Foxhole Café is conveniently located on the first level, and occupies the mezzanine floor as well. This café is conceptualised by two ladies who have a keen interest in coffee and food.
Whimsical cute fox mascot 

The Place

The PourOver Bar shares the same space as Foxhole Café.

There are pastries, bread and also desserts available

The cafe proper is situated on the mezzanine floor
Not many cafes in Singapore are like this
(prob.only in Holland Village )

Nice ceiling to floor windows overlooking
an open field and those flats

Here's how it looks like in the evening. Quite yellow due to the lighting
and it was raining quite heavily that day.

The very instagrammable wall with the unicorn mural !

just gotta take a pic with the pretty wall

The Food

Serving both savoury and sweet items, Foxhole aims to please their customers.  They are still in R&D for the menu so if some of the items doesn't do well, they may just remove them. We ordered a few items to share among the 6 of us.


Bread pudding with sea salt malt ice cream
Slightly pricy at $11.50,  it is one of the nicest bread pudding
I have ever tasted. One thing thou, the serving size is rather small

I ordered a pot of earl grey
came with a stick of pretty pink sugar !
So pretty isn't it..
it is the Singapore sling flavour..
but couldn't taste any after mixing with the tea
We enjoyed this Chili Crab Croissant too
thou it's nothing really special nor fancy.
What is fancy would be those chips that came with it !
Those are Raspberry chips ! It has that fruity
hint to the chips. We loved it !
One of the cafe's hot seller. I can see why.
It's easy to eat and most Singaporeans love chili crab :D
Another shot with coffee , pudding and the wall :D
This chocolatey treat is nice and moist.
Chocolate lovers will like it

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