Thursday, September 08, 2016

Mrs Toh Eats Peony Jade Snowskin Mooncakes

Thanks to Peony Jade for these lovely mooncakes !~ These fruity Heavenly 4 snowskin mooncakes are so pretty ! There is the 💙Wild blue berry yogurt , 💛Mango sago pomelo, 🔶Cempedak( jackfruit ) and lastly💚 Mao shan wang durian !

aren't they pretty ! and I hope you like my styling :D 

Another angle of the mooncake :) 

You can order online now at . There is also a booth available at the Takashimaya mooncake festival as well ~ !

Here are two more flavours , but only comes in mini sizes

 Do u prefer snowskin or traditional mooncakes? 
The pink ones are { Rose lychee with jelly center }
and the brown ones are { Chocolate banana }

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