Sunday, October 02, 2016

Mrs Toh eats Cha Thai

Situated along the bustling Telok Ayer street is a restaurant that wants to bring to diners Thai food that is prepared with loads of passion, lots of pride and bolts of genuine quality. Cha Thai's founder, Leah, believes in using quality ingredients, together with traditional recipes cooked with modern techniques so as to present a different dimension of Thai cuisine. Let's see if they really do stand out this way !

I tried their food a few weeks back and let's take a look what they have to offer .

Appetizers to share

love how they use dropper bottles for the sauces

Crispy Prawn Cake $15
The portion of this serving of prawn cakes is very generous
Food at Cha Thai is meant for sharing !
Dip into the sweet chili sauce.


These are very addictive sticks !
Creamy Crab Roll $15
Love the crab curry dip :D
Personally I like it but price point is
slightly on the high side for this
 Their gravies, sauces and chili are all made from scratch
This is the Lemongrass prawn salad $28
Love that thick gravy..

 Saute Kai Lan with Roasted Pork $16
not the most healthy veggie dish ..
but surely one of the tastiest....with those roasted sio bak! 

This Simmered Pork $22
has been cooked for hours !
Tender and well braised , you need a bowl of rice to go with it 


Premium Giant Tiger Prawns Claypot Glass Noodles $159
this is great for sharing ! 
It may be slightly on the high end price wise, but you can 
be assured that it is quality food that you are getting 
* prawns were tad overcooked that evening thou but still 
they were crunchy and good *

Tom Yum Vegetarian Dumplings $18
Great if you are a spicy food lover :)



Most people just wanna eat the usual mango sticky rice as dessert, 
but really, there are more Thai desserts than just that.. 

One of the nicer toast I have tried !
Charcoal crispy toast with pandan dip. 
Very legit, very good. Love that crispy crunch of the toast
Comes in easy to eat cube sizes 

If cold dessert is your thing , then you gotta try the 
Emerald Jade (green ruby) $8
or if you like , the Red ruby
Top it up with those tiny mango cubes :) 

Milo Dinosaur $8
I personally wouldn't recom. this
It melts and kinda becomes like drinking
cold milo.. just doesn't do it for me. 

Overall, I think Cha Thai is a decent place for a get together
with friends, enjoy good quality Thai food. The accessibility is a plus point
being near to Chinatown as well as the CBD area.

80 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 048466

Tel: 6636 3696
Facebook -

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