Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Early birthday celebration at Mitzo Weekend Brunch

July has always been one of my favorite months.The reason is quite simple..and I have to thank my family and friends who indulges in me ! As with previous years, I will be eating my way from mid July to mid August as a way to commemorate my birthday !

Here's the first of a few birthday meals. I'm grateful and happy to have a bunch of foodies to count on as friends . It was Sunday well spent as we laughed and ate till we burst at Mitzo's new Weekend Brunch. Thanks for the early birthday celebration !!

Upon arriving at Mitzo, we were shown to our table for 5 to which we actually swapped for with another table just right next to the window. However, it proved to be not the best choice ( but great for our photo taking LOL ) as it seems we have been transported to the desert of the whole restaurant. 

Apart from the heat, other aspect of the restaurant is awesome. Service staff is efficient and polite. The decor of this place has left a deep impression on me . I love how modern this Chinese restaurant is and the clever use of prism and mirrors and reflection of the colorful panels 

The Place

hehehe our reflection

Come night time, this sexy place is transformed 
into a chill out bar. 

the table nx to the glass window was where we were seated 

The Food 

Mitzo recently introduced the  Weekend Brunch ( $68++ per pax)  which is only available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. It is a dimsum extravaganza that show cases over 40 selections of dim sum, wok dishes and supreme seafood delicacies comprising of Bamboo Clam, Live Lobster and Abalone dish.

 We DID NOT try all 40 of the dishes of coz ...that would be insane hhahaa.What we did was ordered certain recommended items and re- ordered those we tried and liked :)


We started off our meal with the a wholesome bowl of  winter melon soup . It's sweet and it warmed our hearts and tummies ~

Let me show you the Supreme Seafood selection first. Each person is able to choose an item from the 3 catogory - Live Lobster, Bamboo Clam and Abalone .

 Top: Spicy Chili Lobster served with buns ( each half of a lobster is one serving )
Below left :  Baked lobster with creamy lemon sauce and cheese
Below right : Bamboo clams with preserved veg and minced garlic

Here's one of my personal fav.
Abalone Tuffles Rice
 I like how each mouthful of the rice is filled with the truffle's aroma


Mitzo Special BBQ Pork
One of the better Char Siew I have eaten !
Sweet caramelized crystals added a different
texture to the meat.  We like it so much that we had a 2nd helping


Such pretty Royal shrimp dumplings!
The skin is very thin and transparent !
How elegant they look..topped with caviar

Custard Moon Buns
(Liu sha buns ) Very pretty with the golden
crescents. It's a pity that the salted egg yolk sauce
is too watery. Nothing much to rave about .

Have you tried Steamed Bacon?
This is the Steamed Bacon with gold seafood sauce

Who would have thought snails could be so cute !!? I like these!
Escargots with melting cheese encased in this snail shaped puffs !
It resembled bunnies at certain angles hahah ..
Just a overview of some of the items we had :)

For foodies who likes deep fried dim sums
like these Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings
and  Black Pepper Cod Fish Dumplings

Wok Dishes

For meat lovers, there is the popular Taiwanese dish
Braised Truffles Pork Ball
The Chinese name for this dish is kinda cute

These Black pepper beef cubes
were quite tasty and tender !

Melon Pork Ribs soup 


There are 5 desserts to eat to your heart's content
Do not hesitant to order all of them !
Here are the 3 cold desserts
Aloe Vera with Osmanthus jelly
Double-boiled longan treasure tea 
 Chilled mango cream with sago and pomelo topping
 Very refreshing and thirst quenchin!
We would have ordered them first should we know
that they tasted so good ! Some of us had two of each !


I could have pop a few of these

Deep-fried chocolate liquer dumpling
if not for the fact that I was already
200% full by this time!
These balls filled with chocolate liquer are quite the bomb!!
Usually these deep fried babies are filled with either peanuts n
mung bean paste but over here, they gave it a twist !
Love this !

These mini size Hokkaido Milk Cheese Tarts
are hot items on the menu. The server was so nice to
give us a few plates of these ! Eat it while it is hot !

My bunch of foodie friends were really nice !
They got the staff to present to me these Longevity buns 
for my early birthday celebration!

Never too old to celebrate birthdays !

Here's one with me and Alex :)
There are more birthday meals to come ! Watch this space and see what I have been eating ! Just don't ask me how old am I ! LOL!


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