Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Tohs at Mcdonalds

We have entered into the festive month of December ! What better to way to celebrate the happy mood in the air other than feasting on some newly created items by Mcdonalds !

Introducing the McDonald’s new Clubhouse specials, there are two types of burgers to choose from, a new McFlurry flavour , a new fries that has so far caused a flurry over Mcd fries lovers and a special drink on the menu ~

The Clubhouse specials consist of the Grilled Chicken Clubhouse Burger as well as the Beef Clubhouse Burger .

Grilled Chicken Clubhouse Burger
is sandwiched among fresh lettuce, cheese, caramelised onions
crispy chicken bacon strips.
Chicken is rather tender and the sauce and
the condiments goes hand in hand !
I certainly enjoyed this burger a lot !
However, I didn't quite like the bacon as it was
rather dry and hard biting into it

Here's the other new creation
Beef Clubhouse Burger
This burger to me seems like an upgraded version of the
hamburger. I found the patty rather thin, but it was
made up for it by the taste and flavour of the burger.
Again, I didn't quite fancy the bacon strips.
You can now enjoy a coke float at Mcdonalds !
It is a cool idea to have the soft serve with coke :)
Truly the best of both worlds !
Here's an item that received a lot of reviews on
the social media platform
So yes, I am sure by now you have realised
it didn't taste like those truffle fries from cafes,
but the aroma from the sprinkles really threw
me away ! It was Amazingly good !
No, not the taste of it, but the smell of it !
I was a tad disappointed coz I felt kinda cheated,
but hey, it's fast food truffles fries and for that
I think it's still pretty ok.
Surely we need a dessert after our meals,
so here's introducing the new
Red Velvet McFlurry with Oreo Cookie Bits
Not really a flurry fan
Overall it was a ok meal, but I prob. stick to
my usual burger orders the next time round
Thanks Omy and Mcdonalds for the invite !

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