Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mrs Toh vistied Joyden Treasures

There is a new addition to the F & B selection at Leisure Mall Kallang . It has certainly given me a good reason to visit this area more often ~!

Joyden Concepts has added their third new outlet, namely Joyden Treasures to this mall. Serving Chinese dishes with home cook flavours , the food at Joyden is hearty and reminded me of festive dinners at home .

Décor at this outlet has a retro , classic touch to it, I personally liked it! There are a few private rooms plus the tables are quite spacious apart and can sit up to about 200 pax. I must say this is the type of Chinese restaurant that I would bring my parents for their birthday celebrations!~

Here's one of the private rooms..
Classic and elegance.

Another cosy private setting

They also have dim sum menu during the day time if Chinese dishes and rice isn't really your thing.

Some of the offerings here are quite special and is different from what they do at the other two outlets. The owners of Joyden wants to serve diners what they themselves enjoy eating !

For instance serving peanut & our local fav.pickles,
Achar ! It is quite a hit with most of us at the table. 
Joyden's special brew of Hawthorn apple  

We started off by having a hot winter melon
soup. It comes served individually in a
cute melon. We love how we managed to find
a dumpling sunken below in the melon.
Soup really warms our heart and tummy !
Double boiled Seafood Soup in Whole Yellow Melon
Simply delicious
 Joyden Original Steamed Red Grouper in Homemade Soy Bean Broth  This is a red grouper that has been steamed with home made soy bean milk
The milk is made daily in the restaurant. The broth is comforting and goes well with the fresh steamed fish . The fried enoki mushrooms on top added the special touch to the fish .
You bet this fish didn't for in vain for we consumed most of it up ! :)

This next dish is the owner's family favourite dish.
Crispy Fragrant Duck with petite lotus buns 欣藝脆皮香酥鸭 $58
The duck, smelling great after it has been simmered
with herbs and spices is then deep fried to give the skin the crispiness and also
a duck confit appearance. The meat falls apart easily when
the waitress was helping us with it.
Sandwich the shredded duck with some of the sweet sauce, thinly sliced
pickled papaya and cucumber in the middle of the

Can't get enough of the skin! 

Featuring the Traditional salt baked crab ( 欣藝传统盐炬蟹) - this is a speciality item from Joyden's newest outlet , Joyden Treasures at Leisure Park Kallang . The crab is put to be after sprinkled with a myriad of different salts and spices that has been wok fried . Baked at a low temp for 30 mins, the crab is chopped n ready to be devour ;)
 the salt really brings out the sweetness of the crab
It is quite a difference from the usual chili crab we know
We devoured it all and thanks to the salt used,
the roe actually tasted like salted eggs !!

We were served these soft and bouncy ma la guo $4.80. These items need no
introduction. Made from brown sugar , these steamed cakes are the
best ma la guo I ever taste :D 
Here's a nice rendition of the classic Orh Ni dessert
Traditional Yam Puree with Pumpkin and Gingko
$16/26/36, $6 per bowl
Not as sweet as some places. I like it !
So now you have another new restaurant to head to when there
is that special occasion to celebrate !
5 Stadium Walk #02
42, Leisure Park Kallang, Singapore 397693

Tel: 6446 8488
Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri : 11:30am – 3:00pm
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Sat – Sun / PH : 10:30am –3:00pm
5:30pm –10:00pm

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