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Get your pufferfish fix at FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant

Once upon a time, its streets were filled with clubs and people would drink and party till the wee hours, Muhammad Sultan has yet seen another transformation. Today, gone are those clubs and it is a little food enclave where one can get to taste many different kinds of cuisines .

I was at one of the restaurants recently and had my first taste of something deemed to be dangerous and live threatening  !! But since I am here writing this , you can rest assured I am still alive and going on strong hehe!!

FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant is the FIRST restaurant in Asia ( besides Japan) that puts fugu ( the famous pufferfish) in the limelight ! It is your Go to place for everything fugu related !

FUKU only serves Torafugu, the king of all fugu in their restaurant.

Some friends after knowing that I had a fugu feast questioned me about how was the fish prepared and if it was totally safe for consumption.

Acutally, no real fugu was being imported into Singapore. Fuku is imported twice weekly from Shimonoseki Japan’s (fugu capital) and with its internal organs removed under strict Japanese regulations. The restaurant also adhere to strict AVA regulations and coupled with the head chef -Mr.Koji's 20 years of experience under his belt, you can be assured that you are getting top quality fugu that is 100% safe for consumption.

FUKU has recently launched two new soup bases for its well loved fugu hotpot; the Soya Bean hot pot and the Red Miso hot pot.

I tried the soya bean soup base during this tasting and it has definitely captured my heart! That creamy thick soup base is something that I wouldn't mind having, bowl after bowl!

Here are the items to be placed into the hot pot . 
This set is for 1-2 pax and priced at $70++
(the fugu is those two pieces in front )

That belly warming thick creamy soya bean broth..together with all the 
fresh ingredients simply warms my heart

Fugu is low in fat content and rich in protein. After being cooked
in the broth, it tasted firm but not hard nor overcooked.
Rest assured that the wait staff are always there to assist you in the cooking
Broth is rich and sweet after being cooked with the fish and veggies. 

 Fuku also offers the Shabu Shabu hotpot with A5 beef imported from  Miyazaki Japan.
 You can order ala carte at $70++ or have it as a set as seen in the menu below .

Here's another way of enjoying fugu
Deep fried fugu looks just like fried karaage!
I really thought I was eating chicken instead of fish!
All the goodness of fish !

 Here's the ultimate! The most popular dish- Fugu sashimi or also known as tessa
Thinly sliced and each piece is as thin as the other , with the middle ones slightly
 thicker to resemble petals of flower. Knifes used to prepare this dish has
exceptionally thin blades and uses a cutting technique known as the usudzukuri

See how translucent each slice is!
Do you know that there is no fishy taste to fugu?
It doesn't have any distintive taste to it as compared to the other sashimi we are
used to eating. The texture is also slightly chewy kinda like squid
and I must say I really like it !

 So here's how it is being eaten..
Mix the spring onion, radish all into the ponzu dipping sauce.
You can proceed to dip the sliced sashimi into it and enjoy!
You can also eat it with a sprig of spring onion.

I hope my photos and description has spark an interest in you to
try out this exotic fish ! I am pretty happy to have tasted this and striked it
off my bucket list !

** do note that they are only open for dinner **

FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant
14 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-01 Singapore 238963
Tel: +65 6235 8216
Opening Hours: Dinner 6pm – 11pm last order at 10:30pm (Mon-Sun)


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