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My Gua Sha ( 美容刮痧) experience with BeautyHope

There is a saying that goes  " There are no ugly women, but there are lazy women" . What this sentence is trying to say is there are no shortcuts in maintaining one's youth ! The stress levels we face these days plus the crazy lifestyles and eating out habits are slowly but surely ruining our skin and looks ! Everyone is striving hard to look good and stay young :) In the process of doing so, a lot of us seek help from the professions in the beauty industry to help us achieve our beauty goals ~

I was thankful to visit BeautyHope at their 2nd and newest outlet at Waterloo Center. It is just a 3 min.walk from Bugis Junction ~ I love this location as it is so centralized as well as near to my favorite shopping and cafe enclave !

BeautyHope  has been a long standing player in the beauty and skincare industry . Having well trained and experienced beauty consultants and therapists has kept them very popular with customers from all ages and walks of life ! When I was there for my appointment, there were the heartland auntie who was waiting for her turn and as I was leaving, there was also a teacher who was preparing to do her facial :) So really, everyone should make it a point to take care of your skin ~

So, before we proceed to the facial itself, I was told to fill up a form that required me to answer certain questions on my lifestyle and dietary  habits. The things we eat, how much we sleep ( or for that matter, how little we sleep) , lifestyle habits are all reflected  upon our skins. Healthy skin maintains a proper barrier between your internal organs and your environment.

Beauty Consultant

Beauty Consultant Emerlyn helping me with 
my form as well as answering my queries . Everyone at Beautyhope 
is very warm and friendly ~

Facial process

As discussed earlier, I will be doing the Gua Sha treatment . Some of you may think that gua sha is only for the body, but in actual fact, it can be done to the face as well ! Of coz you got to look for the right practitioner to help you on that ~ The beauty therapists at Beautyhope have all undergone strict training before they can do the treatment on our faces. It is important to know where are the points to apply pressure upon using the special ox horn tool along with organic essential oils on our faces and necks.

So I was shown to the room where the facial treatment will take place
here's me after donning on the tube clothing :)

The therapist was very patient with me and even though I had only very light make up, she was very thorough and only applied very gentle motions when it comes to makeup removal . After inspecting my clean and cleansed face, she proceeded on to trim my eye brows ( they havent been trimmed for a couple of months ! >_< ) I like how she cleaned up the stray brows and gave me a natural look.

Soon after, my face was given the tingling bubble mask to exfoliate and prepare my skin for the extraction. This bubble mask is very good as it practically made the extraction painless ~!

Hope I didn't scare u ! :D 

I was almost falling asleep as up to this stage,everything 
has been very comfortable . My skin does look brighter after
the bubble mask ! I do get some redness around my cheeks 
as I do have mild sensitive skin

Benefits of Gua Sha

As we all know, there is nothing much we can do to stop time and gravity. Unless one is willing and has the funds to go under the knife, it is usually inevitable that our skin will start to show signs of aging , such as sagging jaw line or appearance of wrinkles ( yes, sadly it is happening to me ! ) Gua sha is able to slow down these aging signs to a certain extend ~

Here are some of the benefits of this chinese beauty treatment ~

-- improve on blood circulation ( makes us look less tired !~)
-- helps in lymphatic drainage ( great for flushing out toxins )
-- helps in reliving neck and shoulder pain ( we sit way too long in front of the computers n work desks ! )
-- reduce facial pores
-- lighten pigmentation

I am all in for this beauty treatment ! The effects are almost visible after one treatment .

 Here are some of the steps and motions applied to my face and neck area 
It is very comfortable and no pain at all to me. Of coz if you feel uncomfortable 
at any point in time, do let the therapist know ~ :) 

 Applying the special tool on the right places has great effects and benefits 

Here's me totally relax and skin looking bright after the Gua sha ~! 

I was given a mask after my gua sha treatment and the therapist also gave me a 
scalp n head massage . Very relaxing indeed.
(I wouldn't be posting that photo as it was 
pretty Halloween like !~  )

I am very pleased with the reasults I must say !
The deep laugh lines around my mouth 
has reduced to a certain extend and skin feels very smooth and taut ! 
 Well, if I can delay aging within my means , why not :) 

Really thankful to Beautyhope for this chance to try out the Gua Sha treatment
You ladies have been a great help and made me felt at ease too ! 

Do follow Beautyhope on their facebook page as they are currently having SG50 promotions!

Great news for you my dear readers ! You can get to enjoy this Gua Sha Facial at a special first trial price of $68 . ( usual price $228) . Give a call to BeautyHope Beauty Concierge at 96477571 to find out more !

** The above first trial promotion is only valid for first time customers only
Valid for both male and female aged 21 years and above
Valid for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents only **

Waterloo Center Branch 

261, Waterloo Street , #02-42
Singapore 180261
Tel: 9647 7571
Ang Mo Kio Branch
Blk 709, Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-2605,
Singapore 560709 (AMK Centre)
Tel : 6458 2293

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