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Healty and colorful Juices at Beesket

How many of us are guilty of not consuming enough fresh fruits and vegetable each day ?  With our topsey turvey and hectic lifestyles in recent years , many of us are working longer hours and dining out more often. It is only right for us to include enough fruits and veggies in our diet :)  According to Singapore's Health and Promotion board, we need to consume 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetable each day ! How about incorporating a full of goodness fruit and veg juice in your lunch ?

Just last week, we had the honor in trying out some delicious and refreshing and awesomely good juices at the 2 months old Beesket !

Beesket is a fun and trendy Korean D.I.Y juice bar that provides customers with unlimited fun and freedom of expression when creating their own juices

Shop front

Check out the clean and colorful shop front !

Notice the bright vibrant honeycomb like panels?


Do you know that Beesket is made up of two words? Bees and basket !

Well, bees love to pollinate from pretty flowers; when choosing our fruit juice, we are like bees, picking from each individual bee hives! Each of the colorful fruit capsule consists of a fruit or vegetable. We simply pick up abasket and then, like a bee, busily flit around the counter to choose our fruit capsule and drop them into the basket.

 This is how the basket looks like :)

Choose 3 of your fav. fruits and veg capsules for your own special creation
This DIY pick and choose is only avaible for creating
a Beesket Original Juice ($5.90 per 350ml cup)

If you are worried and wonder if your creation will turn out tasting good or bad ie- too sourish, 
too sweet.. bitter etc , then why not choose from a series of * Best Combination* by Beesket ? :)
Try it out for yourself !

So after choosing your choice of fruits and veggie, it is time for you to place your order and make payment ! 

Place your entire basket into this special scanner and let technolgoy do the work for you ! Each fruit capsule has its own unique Radio-Frequency Identification ( RFID ) chip.

So when you placed it on the scanner, the system will automatically reflects the calories of the juice, type of vitamins in the juice combination as well as the price on the computer screen just like the one you see below :) 

You will be given a score card with the juice info printed 
when you collect your juice! This juice creation contains
154 calories ( this yellow juice was Alex's)

You may say oh, it's just like those I get from a hawker center ! 
But wait!! Each mix receives a spoonful of Beesket Fruit Nectar an all-natural fruit extract made from eight different fruits. This trademarked nectar draws out the juices  flavour  naturally  and balances out  acidity  to  produce a  smooth  and refreshing  drink.  For  those  who  opt  to  have  a  juice  completely  made  of vegetables,  the  extract  helps  to  enrich  the  flavour  of  the  combination.

Here's mine !
and the fruit capsules that I have chosen ! I included Kale( a power veggie!)
haha..that explains for the super green juice I got ! Full of goodness!

Here are our score cards !
Can you tell which one is mine?
As you can see, the yellow juice creation by Alex does not contain a lot
of vitamins as compared to mine ( middle) and another friend's  .

 To avoid having a score card like Alex' can always 
refer to the vitamin information that is stated on the fruit capsule panels
itself. For eg, grapefruit contains vitamin B1 and vitamin C can 
pick up fruits/ veg that contains the type of vitamins that you want to include in your juice !
It is that easy and fun to customize your own creation !

 There is more you can get out of your fruit juice score cards ! 
Each card comes with a different type of discounts printed on the back.. 

There are also pre set juice types for those who wants a quick fix.

Natural Fruit Tea (Hot)

The first of its kind in Singapore ! Personally I love the Pear Ginger tea.($5.40), . Other teas include a delightful Green Grape Tea ($5.40), citrusy Grapefruit Tea ($5.90) and a soothing Honey Lemon Tea ($4.90). These tea are being heated on a steamer gently so to preserve the nutrients and enzymes


100 % Natural Blended Juice ( Cold )

 Great on a hot day and when you just wanna pick and go. You can simply pick from one of these combinatons. Pineabanana - pineapple and banana . Berryberry- strawberry , raspberry & apple. Yam honey- yam & honey Berryberryberry- strawberry, blueberry &; raspberry . Lastly , there is also Green Smoothie - Broccoli & Papaya( price ranges $5.40-$6.90)

100% Natural Cold Press Juice ( room temperature ) 

Also commonly known as cold-pressed juice, Beesket serves theirs at room-temperature. Combinations include: Pear and Ginger ($5.40), Kale and Green Grape ($6.40), Carrot and Apple ($5.40) as well as Celery and Pineapple ($6.40).

 You will receive a stamp card to collect stamps like you see on ours !
Get a stamp for each drink you purchase and receive a stamp..
A free Beesket juice is yours after 10 stamps ~

For someone who grew up drinking juices, I really like Beesket. Juices can be a full meal for me and I like the ease of being able to choose what I like in my juices.I love the fact that there are calorie count stated on each juice card as well ! Great for health consience people and those on a diet ! 

 Alex usually don't like anything that has celery but he surprisingly enjoyed one of the drinks that contains celery~! 

This is also a great way to get children who refuses to consume fruits and vegetables. It may just change their minds about the taste of these fruits and vegetables . ! Kids and adults alike can have fun together !!

Beeskat outlets

Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038

321 Clementi Mall
Singapore 129905

Opening Hours
10.30am – 9.30pm daily

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