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Diamond Kitchen Science Park 7 Course Seafood Signature Menu

I have heard many good things about the seafood offerings at Diamond Kitchen ,钻石小厨 at Laguna Park Condo. I just didn't get the chance to visit them :)

I was recently treated to dinner at their latest branch at Science Park 1. A tad far for us in the east, but for good food, Eileen is willing to travel ! :D


You can easily find Diamond Kitchen on the first level of Oasis( formerly known as Science Park 1) . It is a big spacious 260 seater restaurant with two private rooms. In the day, you can enjoy looking out of the windows to lush tranquil view of the greenery and a swimming pool. There are also some large fish tanks where a variety of fresh seafood are kept.



What sets this new Science Park branch apart from the one at the east is the new set menu that gives diners the opportunity to indulge in Diamond Kitchen's seafood signature dishes at a fraction of the a la carte price. 

Let's take a look at what this set menu has to offer !!


7 Course Diamond Seafood Signatures Menu 

Specially crafted to show case the best of Diamond Kitchen,  it also allows Head Chef Kevin Lau to display their culinary skills

Allow me to bring you thru the 7 courses we tried :) Oh before I go on, you can also order these dishes a al carte, but it will be more expensive if you do so. From now till 31st July 2015, you will be able to enjoy this course at $88++ per pax, with a minimum of 4 persons to dine in.  ( usual price $150++ per pax) (

 The food

First up, a refreshing and light dish of 
 Shredded Chicken Salad with Abalone
 Very delicious with the sesame oil and great as a starter

 Super love this !! Has lots of garlic :D
Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clam
Springy Scottish bamboo clam is paried with glass noodles, 
enoki muhsroom and sliced water chestnuts. The Hong kong steamed sauce
goes well with the clam and fried garlic !!

For this menu, you can choose how you want the fish to be cooked 

Choose from Hong kong Steamed Giant Grouper
Superior Claypot Giant Grouper

 This is the Hong kong Steamed Giant Grouper

The Giant Grouper is a fish that is prized 
for its thick collagen rice skin !
This fish is not easy to cook as the meat is very thick
, but the ones we tasted tasted very nice and freshness ensured !
 The part used here is the grouper belly

This is the claypot method.and the fish 's back is recommneded for 
this cooking method. Can you see those thick skin ? Goes very well with rice

One of the star dish of this menu is the very wholesome Lobster Porridge 
The broth is cooked with chicken stock laced with chinese wine and sliced ginger.
The rice is then socked with the stock and lobsters of coz ! Great on a cold day :)

One of the lackluster dish of this menu.. 
Stir fried sweet potato leaf with salted fish

And let me present to you

Diamond Gan Xiang Crab

Diamond kitchen's Gan Xiang crab ( 干香蟹)uses Sri Lankan crabs and are
 wok fried with several spices to achieve this finger licking good spicy paste !
Totally a crab dish after my heart and belly !  

As usual I love to end my meals with a sweet treat ! 
Lemongrass Jelly- shaved lime and honey ice swimming in cooling
lemongrass water. So refreshing ..so cooling!!

Food and service here is good and seafood dishes are top notch ~ It is a good venue for the family gathering or celebration of birthdays and special occasions ! 

Diamond Kitchen ,钻石小厨

Science Park Branch
87 Science Park Drive
#01-01 Oasis (Previously known as Science Hub)
Singapore 118260
Tel: 6464 0410

Marine Parade Branch
5000F Marine Parade Road
Laguna Park Condominum, #01-22/23
Singapore 449289
Tel: 6448 0629

 Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/DiamondKitchenSeafood

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