Thursday, May 28, 2015

Eat some Korean Fried Chicken at Twins

Singaporeans not just going cray cray over Kpop, they are also crazy about K drama, K fashion and now K food ! I know many of my foodie friends are going ga ga over korean fried chicken!! Actually so am I! 

From the long ques at 4 Fingers ,the long wait for Chir Chir and the praises for Choo Choo chicken, it is without a doubt that many simply couldn't get enough of  these well-marinated, crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside chicken.

Just few days ago, Twins at Craig Road , Tanjong Pagar , opened their doors to welcome hungry KFC   -( Korean fried chicken)  fans and hungry customers ! They close only at midnight everyday except Sundays! It is great news at least to me! I am always always open to supper ideas !

The restaruant name - Twins, stems from the fact that the two Korean chefs are twins! Young and not bad looking chefs to be exact! Here's a fun fact, the twins are born 3 mins apart :D

I was there with 3 other friends, we had a total of 4 dishes and 1 bingsu.


 Awesome high ceiling with a airwell at the end of the premise

Gives you an idea what type of food they serve
Evidently CHICKEN is the keyword !

They have a opening promotion --Set meals for $11.90

This is their Cheese flavoured fried chicken. Skin is crispy and meat was juicy though I find that
the cheese was only on the skin, the meat was nice but pretty normal 

Much preferred this 
every inch of the chicken is covered with sticky-sticky, sweet,
and spicy red sauce. I had two of these
Yangnyeom Chicken

Reaching out for more.. 

We had no problem polishing off these wings!! 
Soy and garlic is another hot fav!
finger licking good indeed.
I love those fried garlic

I wish I had taken a better picture of this seafood soup noodle!
It has snow crab amongst the other seafood such as prawns and squid
The broth is simple amazing..great if you like the seafood prawny taste 
Spicy enough to give me a kick! Tender noodles that is enough for sharing 
among the four of us. Just can't get enough of the broth.. 

 My fourth 4th bingsu - twin berries bingsu. Not a big mega mountain bowl but a petit serving size. $8 is considerably expensive given the fact that it's just shaved ice ( with condensed milk ) and topped with berries . But it's a good contrast with the chicken dishes we had !
Ice is smooth though :) they fare much better with their savory dishes 

I am pretty sure I will be back to try the other items on the menu  and of coz more fried chicken :D 


7 Craig Road
( nearest MRT station- Tanjong Pagar )

Opening hours 

Mon- Sat ( including PH)
11.30am- 3pm
5pm-12 mid night



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