Thursday, June 04, 2015

Bacon lovers rejoice !! Oh My Bacon !!

Just when you think Singapore has enough of cafes, many other new ones popped up quietly without you knowing ! Oh My Bacon aka OMB is one of the many cafes that opened in this past two weeks .
It's basically a bacon lovers' haven! 90 % of the food on the menu contains bacon ! Don't say I never tell u .. quite obvious la..

Decor at this one of a kind cafe is excellent!! This is what happens when the co partner who owns a marketing agency is married to a lady who loves to cook. They love bacon and has a great that's how OMB is born and conceptualized :) The branding is very strong as I can see from the whole outfit to the food they serve :) To me , that is already a good start !


Check out the whimiscal entrance !!
 It's raining bacon ! 

hahaha..colorful bacons on the ground too..

Be greeted with bright colors and cheery merchandise
Feel free to take pics with those cute cushions!!

The Bacon Job! Hahha..get it?
( hint-movie ..The Italian Job :P )

The mantra!  Go Live your Dreams!
Passion is Bacon !

 The doodles on the wall are all self drawn by the 
agency staff :)

 cosy spacious layout..
not many cafes have the luxury of having a big space


 Meet Jekyll and Hyde
1 -$2.50, 6- $12.50
Pieces of bacon coated with white and dark chocolate !! 
We particularly love the white one ! It is just magical :)
The dark choco one just didn't quite gel with the bacon..leaving a slightly bitter aftertaste . 
Talk about marrying bacon with chocolate! Great pairing !

BLT- Bacon love, truly $15
The bottom slice of bun is spread with sweet savoury bacon jam
You can choose between classic, spicy or sweet bacon to go 
with the pita bread . Quite tasty, thou bacon can be a tad tough to chew . 

 lurrrving my top shot hhehe.

We also had some bacon and egg cups $12
3 of these one mouth quail's egg wrapped in 
bacon served with rosti. 

I will be back

Friendly staff , spacious bright cafe, gd food concept makes OMB stands out from the rest of the new cafes . I mean I am quite sick of seeing another waffle cafe to be honest.. The place is very instagrammable.. take some time to conceptulise your shots .. I will come back for the Bacon ice cream soon !!

Check out their website! So cute I am sure you will like it too !!

7 Dunlop Street

Tel: 6635 2633

Opening Hours
Tue – Fri:
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Sat – Sun:
10:00 am – 10:00 pm

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