Monday, May 25, 2015

Indulge at Park - Asian BBQ Buffet

Many families and friends enjoy gathering over a good meal over the weekends . Some prefer potluck or a cook out session at home, while some much prefer not to fuss over the stove. Just sit back and enjoy and let the professionals indulge you with a scrumptious spread .

That's what Mr Toh and I did just two weekends ago !

Thanks to Grand Park City Hall Hotel, we were treated to their latest buffet promotion

---------{ Asian BBQ }---------  

This buffet is only available every Friday and Saturday evenings from now till 28 September 2015. Weekends just got better with this awesome spread of food at Indulge at the Park

Expect nothing short of a variety of 10 fresh meats and seafood all nicely prepared for you and ready to be grilled on the spot at the garden courtyard !  You can choose to sit outside and enjoy the night breeze and dine under the stars too or enjoy your meal in the spacious hotel atrium  as well as the main restaurant dinning area :) 

Whoo hoo !! Just look at the spread ~
You don't have to grill it yourself ! 
There are local lobsters, scallops on shells, fresh tiger prawns.
Lots of meat selection if you are a carnivore  !
Think fatty Spanish pork belly, US beef flat ribs!

 all those are mine~~
 You can choose your fav.seasoning to be lather upon 
your seafood before grilling !

Oops the cray fish were slightly charred, but still ok to eat.. 

As you can see, I am a big seafood fan!

There is even grilled pineapple!

Food galore !! Different variety..sure to have something you like ~

Some chicken salad if you are not a seafood fan

 How about some local delights ?
A selection of Nyonya Ngoh Hiang

There is a DIY Kueh Pie Te station too! 
I had more than 4 of these !! :D

Some of my favorites from the buffet line :)

Can't get enough of the satay too!  

Pity it wasn't very nice after it turns cold

Cute presentation of the veggies ! 

Everyone at the table unanimously agree
that the pumpkin soup is good! 
Even my husband who doesn't like pumpkin!

 Okay, how about some dessert ?!?! 

What a pretty sight !!

Help yourself to an array of cookies and cakes !

Last but not least, another item everyone loves !
Durian Penyet  !!It's so so good :D
 It's always nice to end the night on a sweet note !!

Available every Friday and Saturday until 27 Sept '15
Time: 6.30 – 10.30pm
  • $62++ (Adults)
  • $32.50++ (Child, 4-12 year old)
Grand Park City Hall
10 Coleman Street Singapore 179809

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