Monday, April 13, 2015

The One who Hops to The Rabbit Stash

Do you know I used to have two pet rabbits?  The male one was white and the female was black. I adored them deeply , and spent hours playing and talking to them. Tears dropped and filled buckets when my mum decided to give them away the year I had my PSLE. Subsequently I kept hamsters too but they are not quite like what rabbits are to me. Allow me to add on that my better half is a rabbit too... that , I mean, born in the year of rabbit :)

Likewise  Chef Matthew of The Rabbit Stash, is also born in the year of the rabbit, and I had the honor of meeting him last week when I was invited for a media tasting at his new hideout :)

The Rabbit Stash has since moved from a shophouse unit in a condo to the dinning with a view at the lovely rooftop of WANGZ Hotel in the conservation and food enclave of Tiong Bahru.

Bunnies in cheerful outfits! 
The restaurant logo is designed by Chef Matthew himself

The alfresco dinning area overlooking the Tanjong Pagar area.

Nice and bright in the day, 
it really makes dinning here a pleasurable and visual experience

We started the evening of feasting with a welcome drink
Passion fruit and lime..just the right note to
get my appetite started~  :) Peter Rabbit decided to join in the fun 
with a barrow of rabbit sweets!

Next up was the amuse-bouche
I wish there were more of this nice blend of mushroom soup
It left me wanting more..

like I said, it was a visual treat as much as a feast for our palate
Having a master degree in building construction, Chef Matthew now constructs
very beautiful food creations such as this one below !
Crackers "mimicking" fungi on a tree trunk!
What can I say?! Truly amazed !

Rabbit Stash has quite an extensive wine list as well as some very creative cocktails
and mocktails . The well informed staff is there on hand to help you pair your poison with the food you have ordered :) So no worries about not being able to mix and match  your drink and food :)

Meatballs with whimsical carrot pickers!

Allow me to reveal the 7 course dinner we had ...

Chef Matthew creates seasonal menus inspired by 7 characteristic of
"ENSOPHI ", namely, Exotic, Nostalgia, Soil, Ocean, Pristine, Heritage, and Impression
Each of these dishes is like an insight to the heart and mind of Chef Matthew 
and taking a trip down his memory lane.

We were served an elegantly plated Soil
It has been beautifully arranged looking like a garden 
The olive soil is a delight when paired with the asparguas spheres
Beetroot never tasted better to me in this sorbet form :) 

Pristine came in the form of a matini glass
Consisting of crispy brown rice, coupled with langoustine( a kind of lobster ) and 1st born egg (oops poor hen ) , the dish is further enhanced by a dash of cabbage dashi.
I love how these items comes together !

Chef Matthew enjoys scuba diving..hence he
has created this pleasing Ocean scene 
I like how he uses the veggies and moss to look like seaweed ! 

Another dish that I enjoyed!
Nostalgia evokes our taste memories
Thick lobster broth coupled with purple crab meat, handmade noodles

 Heritage beef jowl( cheeks) , barley porridge ( red because of the capsicums ) ,
 with a piece of delicious soy cracker. Thumbs up for the mouth in the mouth tender beef jowl
Being brought up in a Peranakan family, he created this dish based on the tastes 
and food he grew up eating or cooked by his family.

Exotic looks like a pretty dessert garden. Has Thai infusion to this :)
Chef Matthew marries Thai green curry sorbet with mango fromage blanc ( french cheese )
and on the sides are the wine soaked snow pear
This dessert definitely is befitting to be named exotic ! 
Green curry sobert anyone?

Impression is based on Chef Matthew's impressions of food , people 
and culture based on his travels aboard 

 Bekshire pig served on a board
Everyone could hear one another when we ate that crackling :) 
There is also Granny Smith purée and potato " mud " n a cute piece of watermelon . 
Do you know that these r the things a berkshire pig would eat ? 
Yup, a pig that loves watermelon 

The Rabbit Stash offers a mulit sensory dining experience with a feast for all senses.
I truly enjoyed my time at the Rabbit Stash and look forward to my next trip down the  rabbit hole!

7 Course Dinner - $148+
3 Course Lunch - $54+

The Rabbit Stash
231 Outram Road, Level R
Singapore 169040
Tel: +65 6595 1380

Opening hours 
Lunch hours  Tues to Fri 12 noon to 2 pm 
Dinner hours Mon to Sat 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Rooftop bar hours Mon to Sat 3pm to 12 mn 

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