Thursday, April 09, 2015

New French Classic Pastry and cakes at Tiong Bahru Bakery

Do you have a favorite cafe or eatery for afternoon tea/ coffee?

One of my favorite go to place for afternoon coffee n sweet treat would be Tiong Bahru Bakery( TBB). With all three of their branches situated nicely in the heart of town ( Raffles City, Tangs Orchard and Tiong bahru) it is pretty easy to pop into one whenever I am in town.

Celebrity baker Gontran Cherrier of TBB has recently introduced 8 traditional French classic sweet treats which he has grown up eating to the dessert range.  Many of which date back for centuries and till today are still very popular and staples at cafes!

I was invited to join some other foodies and bloggers recently for an afternoon dessert treat :)

We were lucky to be able to try out the 8 desserts and one is even specially created for the local Singapore market :D

Started my afternoon with a Rossa Sanpellegrino. My kind of poison. Love the refreshing taste and great respite to the hot afternoon.

Fret not coffee lovers, TBB has a range of lattes n coffee for you to choose from.

Now is the time to feast your eyes upon the 8 delectable
traditional French desserts !

Showcasing the pretty and photogenic pastries and cakes !

 (A ) Paris-Brest – A doughnut-shaped choux pastry with a crisp Craquelin topping, filled  with smooth Praline cream .  

* Oozing cream may entice praline lovers. Personally found the cream too much..*

 (B) Chocolate Eclair – Oblong-shaped choux pastry piped with dark chocolate cream and finished with a glossy chocolate glaçage.

*quite nice but great if shared coz dark choc.cream is very thick and paired with tea!* 

(C) Vanilla Mille Feuille – Also known as ‘thousand leaves. This classic French delight features 2 layers of vanilla pastry cream between crisp puff pastry squares. 

*crispy pastry layers are great! goes well with the cream.. not too fave.of them all! *

(D) Lemon Meringue Eclair – Oblong-shaped choux pastry piped with sharp lemon
*love the sourish lemon and meringeu was nicely shaped and peaked beautifully *

(E) Opera Cake – A chocolate and coffee-spiked cake filled with smooth chocolate ganache and fresh coffee butter cream.

*sorry never been a opera cake fan, but texture of the cake is very lovers will enjoy this  * 

 (F) Tropical Cheese Cake – Cheese cake mousse folded with a mango  pineapple confit, brightened with a refreshing calamansi syrup.

* found this pretty cake a bit too sweet for my liking *

(G) Chocolate Slipper Tart – Tiong Bahru Bakerys take on a classic chocolate tart. Layers of chocolate ganache and a light chocolate shell on crisp sugar dough.

Chef Gontran obversed that Singaporeans love to wear slippers whenever they go..hence this creation !! :P Such a cute creation..

*The chocolate ganache cracked upon the first cut..i love how beautifully crafted the tart is thou :) Once again, it's too rich for me.*

(H) Mixed Berries Tart Crisp sugar dough tart is filled with a jammy mixed berries confit, frangipane, vanilla cream and topped with fresh berries.

* Big thumbs up for this.. it's light enough for me and I love berries to start with :)  *

Another view of the pretty tarts and cakes

Just too photogenic!!

My absolute favorite



  • 56 Eng Hoon Street, #01-70 Singapore 160056 (1st store)
  • #B1-11/12, Raffles City SC, Singapore 179103 (2nd store)
  •  L1-16B, Tangs Orchard, Singapore 238864 (3rd store)

Opening hours ( all stores )
8am to 10pm, Daily

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