Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The one who enjoys Singapore Local Food

It would be hard for me to post just one image according to the contest instructions above
for there are so many food selection that I think can fit into the Singapore Food Culture image :)

It is not wrong to say that we Singapore have a keen interest in food, in particularity , in eating it. Singaporeans love to eat round the clock. It is that one thing that unties us. There are office lunch time food groups who discuss where they should go for lunches to Instagram foodie groups who meet solely just to check out the best char kwey tiao. You get my drift ...

I love food too, it's quite obvious from my Instagram nick,  @eileen_eats_alot
So, here are my photo entries for The great food panda blogger contest 2015

Since Singapore was once part of the British colony, 
some of the Hainanese Chinese who worked as kitchen helpers 
with the army and British residing in Singapore learned how to make toast, french toast etc
They then set up stalls and started selling these delicious sets to us locals 

Kaya toast and half boiled eggs have since taken over
 our hearts and claimed a stake in our tummies. They are enjoyed 
by all races and is also something that spans across the ages.

The half boiled eggs will always be a part of me.
It was and still is a comfort food for me..one that my maternal 
grandma used to cook for me and hers always turns out perfect..
the way I like.. She is getting on in her years and has
 since stopped any form of cooking.

Another dish that has a special place in alot of Singaporeans' hearts 
would be the evergreen fish ball noodles
The ones that work for me are those that has handmade fish balls
They have to be freshly made daily and doesn't taste artifical! 
I love my fishballs paired with mee pok and they have to be cooked al dente.

 I am a happy girl with my noodles covered in chili and ketchup
Judging from the crowd and long ques at popular stalls, Singaporeans certainly 
love this dish alot..just like me! We have since made it our staple food, 
eating it from breakfast, to lunch, dinner and even supper.

Being a mulit racial society, Singapore certainty has no lack of food to bind 
all the races together . This last photo I have chosen is non other than Roti Prata
The crispy flat bread that has evolved from its simple prata kosong now has many many 
variations and also is a dish that is enjoyed by generations! 
Families and friends gathered at prata stalls for that much needed prata supper over 
a round of tek terik is just so heart warming ! 
There are also many of these stalls that serves pratas round the clock!

You know, I can really go on and on with this.. but I will just stop here.. 
I hope reading this post has rekindled some of your food related memories .. 

For more info on this contest, pls refer to Sethlui.com and thank you Seth and  Food Panda for
organsing this contest ! Are you a blogger too? You too can take part in this contest !

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