Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The one who enjoyed dinner at the House of Peranakan Petit

Living in Singapore is quite a blessing, we are never being deprived of food and good food is around almost any corner of this island :)

So what can I say but "yes!!" when I was invited to join a group of foodies for tasting at a new Peranakan restaraunt last week.

House of Peranakan Petit ( HPP)  is cosy 30 seater restaurant and new addition to ever popular dining and cafe location , Tiong bahru. Located along Eng Hoon Street,  not many know that it used to be a Peranakan enclave.

warm lighting is used ..and love the Peranakan inspired 
decorations thru out the place .

HPP is the 3rd restaraunt of the House of Pernaakan Group. Establised in Katong in the 80s, the House of Peranakan Grp of restaurant is a pioneer in Nonya cuisine and is managed by a pure Peranakan family for more than 30 years .

It was a pretty warm evening when I made my way to the restaruant. It wasn't difficult locating the restaraunt when you get your directions right.  It's very near this chinese temple and there is seafood restaraunt just opp. the shophouse :) 

I promptly ordered a nice refreshing icy cold glass of Lime juice with agar agar to cool myself down .

Love the gradients of colors !

An important aspect of Peranakan cuisine is the sambal chili. The ones at HPP goes very well with the food we tried that evening and tasted great even with just plain white rice~~!  I give the cincalok thumbs up too!

I know you can't wait anymore.. Let's get down to to the food now!

All the dishes shown are great for sharing among friends and family!

Ngoh Hiang ($12)  is a perennial favorite
*personally this isn't the star dish of the night for me*

May not be wowing to your eyes but 
it sure wow my taste buds!! 
This steamed Otak Otak ($12) is their family receipe and
 has more than 20 ingredients ~~Pure mackerel fish is used
Definitely a healthier way to eat otak!

This is Bob's Pork Bun ( $10 /2 buns)
So who's Bob you asked? 
Bob helms the kitchen and is the owner of HPP :)
The tender and well braised meat is encased in soft steamed buns. 
oh I wish I could have more than 1~ but I need to save tummy space for more food!

I never knew scallops can be cooked this way !! This is one of my fav.besides the pork bun! 

Scallops Lemak ( $28 ) has captured my heart and soul! 
Slightly spicy are these big Japanese scallops soaked in 
lemak ( coconut and spices) gravy. So so sedap with rice! 
Do eat these while warm.. 

It is not called Peranakan dinner if one has not tasted Buak Keluak!  Pardon the bad photo here.. the black nut is not easy to capture :P

Ayam Buak Keluak ( $18) is one of the signature dish at HPP.
Braised chicken is very tender and boneless, and these buak keluak 
takes effort to cook ! They are first dug out of the flesh and mixed with
spices and stuffed back in again to be cooked! 
The rempah ( pounded spices) consist of 7 different types of ingredients !

Fish and chili lovers ! You will like this :) 
Sambal fish ($16) fried to crispy perfection and is stuffed with rempah stuffings 
I ate almost one fish by myself .. ( rubs tummy)
That is one good sambal !


We were stuffed by the end of dinner but it's not a good dinner if 
we hadn't have our dessert !!

Here's the Gula Melaka Sago Pudding ($6.50) 
Sago pudding is topped with a flavorful coconut ice cream
* personally it is a tad pricy*

let it flow!! douse the dessert with the sweet gula melaka

 Now enjoy !!

Next we also tried the Pulut hitam ($4.50)
That coconut milk art is pretty

  Last dessert of the night is this Durian Chendol ($8.50)
 Love the colors and the items when mixed is sedap !

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